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Today is... DAY 32!

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Hello all, 
I am proud to say, today is day 32 in my second Whole30 (first one was Jan 2014) and I have done it :) YAY! I have to admit the second one was much harder than the first because I have noticed less changes in my body (while my stomach is flatter, i am still holding fat in my upper abs). I did weigh myself yesterday and I am at 141pounds (i am 5'6. Before i started whole30 i was roughly 145) so not much weight lost. Will be measuring tomorrow morning and compare my results :) But I am happy i stuck with it, its made me feel better and train better. 

The last week was especially hard since my last 10 days were spent in a UN compound in Baghdad for work, which limited the control I had on what I can eat. I realised that week how much easier it would have been to just eat the rice and lentils they had on, or the ice cream that was just sitting there at every meal. But i didnt. I ate protein, salad (lots of it) and fruit (maybe a little too much). they had no avocado, no sweet potato which made it hard. there are no shops in the greenzone besides a tiny shop that stocked mainly soft drink, chips chocolate etc. 

Anyways, Now i am considering my next step. I am happy to stay on whole30 for longer, But is that realisitc? is that good for my body to never eat say chocolate again? (hehehe) I am happy not having any diary and gluten because I actually do have allergies to those things. But should I start re-introducing some stuff...? Im finding it difficult to decide, a part of me doesnt see the point. I feel much better on the Whole30. much better. But another part of me knows that i am going to need nutella at some point :D ... and would not eating these things make me sick in the long term if i had them occasionally?!? 


the only thing i can think of is to stay Paleo and not whole30, so allow some paleo treats...
I am keen to hear from people who have done this and finished but not gone back to old habits. 


Thanks :)  :) 

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The good news is, you get to decide what to do from here.


From a "tale of two moderators," 

- after my Whole30, I did the reintroduction phase (I was previously gluten-free for many years, so no need to reintro that). After that, I decided to not have non-gluten grains, legumes or anything soy in my home.  I will have them only while dining out or at someone's home, if it's something special.  I brought red wine back, but have it significantly less than before. And I now only have quality dark chocolate sparingly (no more M&Ms or Hershey's Kisses for this gal.) I make a Paleo banana bread about once a month.

- Tom Denham never reintroduced, stayed on Whole30 for a few more months until he lost his desired weight, and now eats Whole30 style most of the time.

On the nutella, one option is to have it when you want, and see how you react. I would say watch out for it being food without breaks (i.e., don't grab a jar and a spoon and sit in front of the TV with it). 

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thanks for your reply. I actually decided to break my whole30 (i was on day 36) yesterday and just have a few chocolate eggs for Easter. Big mistake. today I feel awful, i am tired and feel like a nap, its only 3.30. I have a huge headache and stomach ache. this has shown me that processed sugar is just not for me, i am better off without it. 

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