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Whole 30 - Take 2 4/17/14


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It's time to get back into the game. I finished my first Whole30 about a month ago, and since then I have felt miserable. All the problems I had before came rushing back as soon as I went off plan. I need to start over, and this time, have a better method for reintroduction.


These forums helped me greatly during my first run, and I plan to use you all again for motivation and strength.


Does anyone else have experience with multiple Whole30s? How does each subsequent program compare to your first?

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Hello APOCrunch!


I had a very successful first W30.  It went so well I decided to do a second one

right away.  


After my 30 clean days, I had 2 days off, then started a second one.  I was fine

up through day 20, then I fell off.  I think that this happened for ME because I

wrapped myself with such supports on round one and didn't as much in round two.

For example, in round 1 I read ISWF (twice), kept a journal, gt the WD -mails, got 

on the fourm almost every day, followed the advice given in the Whole-E~mails & ISWF,

which meant some goal-setting...


So at day 20 I fell off & then I had about 2 weeks of only mostly compliant (a couple of

interspersed days of wine & crappy dinner).  As we know, "mostly compliant" equals

NOT compliant.  I felt like crap and even developed a rash on my forehead.  I pulled up

my bootstraps and got back on the horse, and back on the forum.  Also a friend happened

to ask me about W30 because she noticed how great I looked and also wanted a change.  


You can do round 2 and have success.  But be sure to put some support in place to help

you keep on your path.  You will know what is a good support for you.  


Sorry for the long reply.  Best wishes to you on round 2!!!    ;)   You're going to do great!


P.s.  How is this for motivation?  My forehead rash began to clear up by day 2 & totally cleared up 

        by day 3!!!!!!!!   

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I am going to get philosophical here and this is not about you personally. I have been thinking of these things for months in relationship to 100s, maybe 1000s of forum participants...


I keep hearing people talk about the reintroduction phase as if it is the key to success going forward, but I don't think it is. The truth is that being really healthy requires eating Whole30-style most of the time. 


It is useful to learn from the reintroduction phase if anything really hurts you when you eat it, but no off-plan food makes you healthy and if you eat them routinely, you give away a portion of your health. 


People keep using the Whole30 as a reset or a tune-up, but it should really be a time to make a transition from eating thoughtlessly and carelessly to developing the habit of eating meat and veggies most of the time and avoiding crap most of the time because that is what our bodies require to function well. 


Come to think of it, I think the Whole30 program is incomplete because it ends with the reintroduction phase. The implication of a "reintroduction" phase is that you add back foods that you want to eat, only now you know if they hurt you. The problem is, all off-plan foods hurt us, it is only a question about how noticeable the harm is. Some people experience the harm clearly, but some don't.


The final part of the Whole30 program needs to be a personal plan for healthy eating based upon what you learned during your 30 "strict" days. I am afraid that what happens too many times is that people simply go back to eating most of what they did before with few substantial changes. Then when they start feeling bad, they come back and do another Whole30, but never make the substantial changes to their everyday habits that they need to make. 

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Go Tom!   :D


I agree!  I'm not so interested in re-introducing the foods I've eliminated.

I am trying to live my everyday life as close to my Whole30 as possible, because

well I'm healthier for it!  


I am still in the learning new, good habits phase of my ultimate goal of living

whole.  So for me, I say I am on a W40, next will be a W50, and then a W60.

By then I hope that the new habits are so, um habitual, that living whole becomes

me and my regular life, rather than something "I am doing".  


Keep Whole and carry on!   ;)

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