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Is there an app????


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You aren't supposed to track calories or nutrients, just follow the template. A log can help with seeing what does well and what doesn't. I use the notes on my phone to do that and I also have the list of allowed foods (I do AI, so my list is a bit more detailed).

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I keep a handwritten food journal. I already know off the cuff what foods are approved/not approved and I'm a label-reading champion, so I just follow the rules and make notes. I just bought a nice new one and I write in it every day. I like it because I can shorthand my favorite foods and meals, I don't have to write down exact serving sizes (had quite enough of that in my calorie-counting madness days, thanks so much) and I can write about how I'm feeling mentally and physically as well. I tracked my meals and workouts in the last one, and my new one has more, narrower lines so I can fit more in it, like how many hours I slept the night before, if my fiance said or did something really sweet, how my hips and back are feeling, etc. I find it a lot easier than other tracking apps because they all want you to pick from lists and select how much you ate, it's much faster to just grab a pen and scribble it down. It's SUPER useful when I'm eating off-plan, so I can pinpoint foods and combinations of foods that are bothering me (i.e., I've learned that I can eat lentil soup once in a while and I can eat ice cream once in a while, and they won't bother me in isolation, but if I eat lentil soup the day after I eat ice cream, very, very bad things happen).

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