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Can I eat my protein before going to dinner????


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Tonight i went to dinner with friends ... plans were made before I started Whole30 and honestly, I wouldn't have expected to dictate decisions about where to eat given the size of the group... I looked at the menu in advance... I don't eat meat, but I do eat fish.  The only fish on the menu was fish tacos (fried or grilled... but grilled was pre-marinated)... This is my second eating out experience... the first went well because of the nature of the restaurant.  Tonight, I really didn't feel there was any veggie friendly compliant meal with protein.  Sooooo..... i chose to make a can of tuna before I left, and then I ordered a large compliant salad at the restaurant.  Was that the right decision?  How important is the whole timing of this?  If I get the protein in an 60-90 mins before eating the meal... is that ok?  Figuring out this whole no meat protein thing is getting tricky at times.  I feel like I am walking around with hard boiled eggs and tuna in my purse just in case! 

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