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Day 24 and feeling discouraged

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I'm a recovered (recovering) bulimic, so I knew embarking on the whole30 that I would have to be careful. Thinking about food 90% of the day is not exactly recommended for overcoming eating disorders. That said, I think I've done fairly well in that regard. Overall so far, though, I'm frustrated with how this is going :( my digestive issues (posted about previously) are only marginally different than they were before, I'm exhausted, my endurance for exercising has greatly diminished, my skin is the same or worse than before, my pants are tight. I keep waiting to wake up and feel better but I'm just not :( days 10/11 were actually great, but it's been downhill since then.

Meals are according to template, and I've been intentional the last couple days about getting even more fat to try to help with the energy, though it hasn't made a difference.

Encouragement that this will get better? I realize that I'm not done yet, but I was hoping to see at least *some* positive changes by now :(

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