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M1: sweet potato hash browns and a fried egg

M2: salad with tomatoes, pecans, roast beef, avo and balsamic vinaigrette and cherries

M3: zucchini noodles with marinara and prosciutto, blueberries, pistachios, plantain chips and guac.

Really wasn't hungry at breakfast or lunch, but I ate as much as I could, then was like a bottomless pit at dinner.

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M1: scrambled eggs, 1/2 banana

M2: made a truly awful batch of butternut squash soup, didn't eat any, ate terra chips, pistachios, raisins, strawberries and cherries instead. It was partly stress eating which I wish I'd overcome.

M3: zucchini with marinara and proscuitto, a date stuffed with almond butter.

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M1: 3 eggs and sweet potatoes cooked in ghee

M2: fruit, plantain chips, guacamole

M3: steamed broccoli

Ugh I didn't cook dinner and now it's late and I'd rather go to bed then make a mess in my mother in laws kitchen. Whole30 with a baby can be hard, whole30 with a baby, staying at someone else house for a week is screwing with me.

Ready to go home and achieve meals closer to the suggested template.

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Day 13: spent 11 hours in the car! Did my best.

M1: scrambled eggs

M2: Larabar and banana

M3: plantain chips and an avocado

M4: shrimp stir fry, cashews, eggs, broccoli, water chestnuts, snap peas. Smoked turkey

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Day 14:

M1: banana

M2: salad with shrimp, plum, pistachios

M3: carnitas with slaw and guacamole, cantelope, roasted zucchini

M4: larabar

Did ok on our first day back from our trip. Got some amazing deals at the grocery store this morning but have a very busy week. 

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the work I need to get done but mostly fine with my whole30. It was ncie to have a compliant sunday family dinner, it's so much easier now that my mom's doing it too. 

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Day 15:

M1: fried eggs on a salad with baby romaine, strawberries and pecans.

M2: pulled pork with guacamole and a plum

M3: pistachios 1/2 a banana and almond butter

M4: shrimp stir fry with broccoli and cabbage, strawberries

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Day 17:

M1: 2 fried eggs with turnip hashbrowns

M2: spaghetti squash with meat sauce, pineapple

M3: almonds and apricots (while cooking)

M4: chicken thighs with tessamaes hot sauce, cucumber salad, sweet potatoes, avocado

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Day 18:

M1: scrambled eggs and blackberries

M2: chicken sausage, green beans, sweet potatoes

M3: cherry larabar, pistachios

M4: filet mignon, grilled pineapple, onion, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms

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Day 19:

M1: egg fried in olive oil and sweet potato hash

M2: burger on sweet potato bun with lettuce, grilled onion and avocado. Pineapple and blackberries

Snack: pistachios and cherries

M3: steamed chicken, shrimp and vegetables with sesame chili oil

Nearly skipped breakfast since I had to leave the house so early but I quickly made and ate something. Darn chickens aren't laying enough eggs, may have to buy some.

Going to bed a little hungry cause I'm too tired to cook anything but I have big plans for tomorrow's breakfast :).

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Day 20:

M1: homemade breakfast sausage, fried egg, sweet potato hash browns

M2: 1 1/2 chicken sausage links, fried zucchini

M3: shrimp and broccoli drizzled with sesame chili oil

Ate cherries all day

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Oops!!! Forgot to post for a few days, lets see what I can remember:

Day 21:

M1: scrambled eggs

M2: zucchini with meat sauce

M3: hamburgers with pico de gallo, devilled eggs, green beans, cherries

Day 22

M1: devilled eggs

M2: scrambled eggs, spinach and mushrooms, bacon

M3: chicken and broccoli stir fry

Day 23

M1: scrambled eggs and cherries

M2: sweet potato fries and a hot dog

M3: strip steak, mushrooms and salad

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Day 24:

M1: I totally can't remember if I ate breakfast or what it was. 

M2: eggplant stacks with sauce, proscuitto and basil. cherries and blackberries

M3: coconut shrimp with mango dipping sauce, salad with shallots, dates, almonds and blackberries

After dinner- 3 small dates stuffed with almond butter

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Day 25:

M1: honestly don't remember again, but I've been pretty negligent about breakfast this week. 

M2: scrambled eggs with bacon and sweet potatoes (? I forget!)

M3: zucchini with tomato sauce and proscuitto


Day 26: 

M1: a banana and a peach :/ 

M2: hot dog and sweet potato fries, plum

M3: wings with tessamae's hot sauce, homemade pickles, salad with dates, almonds and shallots. 


Day 27:

M1: 2 fried eggs, homemade turkey breakfast sausage, sweet potato hash browns

M2: hamburger on sweet potato slices with avocado, mustard and tessamae's ketchup

snack: larabar

M3: Paleo pad thai with shrimp

after dinner: 3 dates with almond butter

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Today I painted the exterior of my house for an hour before my baby woke up, hired my nephew to babysit, painted from 10-3:30 (made lunch for 6 people in between), washed my brushes out and cleaned up outside, showered, made dinner, did some cleaning, gave the baby a bath, put her to bed, powerwashed my porch floor and am just now sitting down at my laptop. Pretty much every day has been nuts like this for the last week or so. We are on the homestretch of fixing up our house to sell but I still have a lot of work to accomplish at the new house, and then, the moving. Whole30 has been difficult to do during this busy time but the reason for my second round was really to support my mom on her whole30 so in that respect, mission accomplished. However, I've been lazy about breakfasts and fitting meals to the template and I really want to do better, even once my whole30 is over. I'm so glad this round has kept me from stress eating and feeding my family takeout, but on the other hand I could really use the convenience of a rotisserie chicken right now (my grocery store rarely has the plain ones stocked!). 

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Bluegrass Abby!  I just found your log (wish I'd done one -- next time...) and wanted to say hello.  You sound busy, and energetic!  If you have a chance, pop by the June 9 group to say hello.  Everyone will love to hear from you.  Congrats on Day 30!

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Oh dear, I neglected posting, again! 
Day 28:

M1: don't remember! I'm pretty sure I ate eggs at least.
M2: cherries, salad greens, olives (tried to buy a plain rotisserie chicken and YET AGAIN they had none prepared. Filing a complaint at Kroger now...)

M3: Wings and some veggies. 


Day 29:

M1: apricots :(

M2: turkey taco meat and plantain chips with salsa

M3: Beef stir fry with veggies

Day 30: 
M1: sweet potato latkes with 2 fried eggs

M2: zucchini noodles with marinara (no protein!)
M3: coconut shrimp with sauteed squash and green beans

M4: banana and cherries

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Wellll I guess I'll just continue this thread to include my third whole30! I have started my third whole30 THREE TIMES before, and have given up shortly after. 

I had some serious obstacles in my way (like living without a kitchen), but still. Really hoping the accountability of posting here will keep me focused. 

I'm 6 months pregnant and happily living in the house we bought during my last whole30. Here we go:


Day 1: starting off with a crummy cold, but ready to start nonetheless.

M1: Scrambled eggs, orange, black decaf tea

M2: banana with almond butter, curried broccoli soup 

have yet to make dinner but wanted to post here while I could.

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M3: Frittata with proscuitto, spinach, basil, and white potatoes with a small baked sweet potato with ghee on the side.

M4: dried apricots and plantain chips... definitely not a meal as much as a before bed snack. Not a perfect choice but hopefully not a common one either.

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Day 2: my cold is much better today, hurray! And I was able to do some cooking ahead, which I think is pretty essential to staying on track. I'm so pleased I found local pork butt, I really love pulled pork but just can't deal with commercially raised pork (especially a fatty cut like butt or shoulder). Our local meat store can be really hit or miss so I bought the two they had last time I was there. Nom Nom Paleo's Kalua pork filled my house with good meaty smells all day and I can make a couple meals out of all that meat.

M1: Leftover frittata, banana with almond butter

M2: tuna salad with cuke, avocado, olives, capers, and balsamic; 2 plums

M3 (snack): orange and plantain chips

M4: Smitten Kitchen's mini meatloaves (so easy to adapt for whole30, my family LOVES them, and I have a whole bunch ready to bake in the freezer!), baked potato with ghee, slivered cabbage cooked in ghee. 

We ate really early so I'm hoping I stay full till bedtime! 


p.s. Kind of hilarious... the last 2 whole30's I did I really loved noticing how flat my belly felt after the first week or so, just realized that is definitely not going to happen this time! 

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Day 3: All I keep thinking today is- I'm so freaking happy to be eating this way again! I feel great, I love feeding my family this way, I cook all the time anyways so I might as well be doing a whole30! 

I was able to eat leftovers for all 3 meals today so it was pretty much the easiest day ever. 

I had a midwife appointment and because of an admin error, didn't get to meet with my midwife but the other one at the practice. She spent most of the appointment talking about my weight, which my normal midwife really never seems concerned about. I started this pregnancy 10 less than the last time I got pregnant, so even though I'm gaining more quickly, it hasn't seemed to be a concern. The midwife I met with today could have had me really down and depressed when I left but instead I felt so pleased that I'm doing a whole30 and no matter how much I gain during the rest of my pregnancy, I'm doing exactly the right thing right now.

No usual early whole30 symptoms so far, feeling really great. Even went to yoga tonight.


M1: frittata and banana

M2: meatloaves, 1/2 a small baked potato and small baked sweet potato, orange

M3: roasted cauliflower, Kalua pork with lime, slaw with cabbage, green apple, pecans, dried apricots, walnut oil and apple cider vinegar. So Good!

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M1: leftover frittata, some coffee with coconut milk 

M2: leftover pulled pork, roasted cauli and slaw, plum

M3: sweet potato fries and 2 fried eggs, date with almond butter


Wow I forgot how quickly you run out of produce when you eat veggies at every meal! Could use some hearty squash or broccoli as backup that won't instantly go bad. Also I bought some awesome fruit at Trader Joe's and we've all been eating it quite a bit (I normally don't buy a ton of exciting fruit cause it's too expensive, mostly just bananas and apples), so I could really use more fruit, too.

Eating super late tonight (dinner is still in the oven at 8) and mostly just want to go to bed. Tried going to bed at 11 and waking at 7 but I think I need more sleep than that right now. Also could be cause I still have a cold.

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