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Bluegrass Whole30


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Day 21:

breakfast- 2 fried eggs, crispy sweet potato hash browns, banana with blueberries and coconut, coffee with coconut milk

lunch- 1/2 avocado with proscuitto, blueberries, carrot sticks, apricot, olives

dinner- eggplant with tahini, asparagus, grilled zucchini, olives

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Day 22:

Breakfast- 2 fried eggs, sweet potatoes sauteed in coconut oil, and 1/2 a banana

Lunch- leftover moroccan meatballs with tomato sauce and cauliflower mash.

Dinner- carrot raisin salad, watermelon, 2 chicken drumsticks.

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Day 23

Breakfast- banana with coconut flakes and cashews and cinnamon, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch- radishes, celery, carrots... cashews, olives

NBD I WAS JUST OUT ALL DAY PUTTING AN OFFER IN ON A HOUSE so I didn't really eat much lunch 'cause my stomach was in knots.

Dinner- grilled shrimp and tuna, grilled onions and peppers, carrot raisin salad, marinated eggplant.

What a great dinner, we had friends come over at the last minute for a cookout and I still put together a decent meal for myself.

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Day 24:

Breakfast- scrambled eggs, coconut milk coffee, watermelon

Lunch- plantain chips and avocado with chopped up grilled shrimp and onions, carrot raisin salada

while cooking dinner- a handful of cashews

Dinner- chicken stir fry with broccoli, cabbage, onions and garlic

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Day 25:

Breakfast- leftover chicken and broccoli

Lunch- leftover chicken and broccoli

Dinner- moroccan meatballs, zucchini noodles

after dinner: cashews and a larabar

Today was extremely busy so I just did the best I could and ended up hungry after dinner. I started my whole30 with a bag of pistachios (8 oz, I think) and a pound of cashews, and I still have a few handfuls of cashews left, so even though I feel like I relied heavily on nuts, I don't think I was actually eating that many. 

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Day 26: 

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs 

Picked strawberries, ate a bunch!

Lunch- coconut chicken fingers, cucumber, green apple


Dinner- 2 chicken fingers with hot sauce, roasted cauliflower, roasted carrots, 1/4 avocado, steak!

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Day 27: 

Breakfast- fried egg, homemade breakfast sausage, sweet potato hash browns, and strawberries

Lunch- curried cauliflower fritters, more strawberries (before I freeze them all!) 

Dinner- zucchini noodles with tomato sauce with trader joe's spicy italian chicken sausage

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Hi Chris,


I understand that you are trying to give constructive criticism but I just finished reading this article: http://whole30.com/2014/01/perfect-whole30/

and it made me think of your comment. Obviously I know grabbing a banana and adding coconut flakes and cashews isn't the ideal breakfast- but I was out of eggs, had to be at a meeting with a realtor at 9:30 am and also had to get breakfast together for my husband and baby. There are other mornings when I skipped a veggie at breakfast (probably because I couldn't take more attention away from my baby), but for the most part I try to follow the meal template as closely as possible. What I'm eating is compliant, and far better than what I would do on busy mornings, pre-whole30 (skip breakfast!).

I really value the work volunteer moderators do, but honestly I'd rather not even do a log next time if it's just for people to point out what I'm not doing perfectly (because this is already hard, and I think I'm doing great!). 


and kindergartencowgirl- thank you for your input, I really don't have a sweet tooth so cutting back on sugar is not a concern for me but I definitely value larabars for their convenience factor because frankly, all this cooking wears me out. 

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Day 28

Breakfast: 3 fried eggs, homemade breakfast  sausage, carmelized onion and turnip hash browns

Lunch- spaghetti squash bake with tomato sauce and spicy italian chicken sausage

Dinner- sauteed mushrooms, cucumbers with tahini, grilled steak with homemade bbq sauce

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Day 29:

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs with leftover mushrooms and turnip sweet potatoes

Lunch: Leftover Pizza spaghetti squash pie

Dinner: grilled chicken, guac, grilled veggies, olives, zucchini cakes

After dinner (another party): smoked pulled pork

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@Beets- thank you! I've had some rough days but for the most part these last 30 days were surprisingly manageable. I don't know if I could do it with 2 kids but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it ;).


The tahini (sauce) with eggplant was this recipe: http://www.yumsugar.com/Marinated-Eggplant-Tahini-32001938 but I used regular eggplant and left out the jalapeno and cilantro. It was super good! When I tossed with cucumber with tahini I mixed it with lime juice and salt (I was out of lemon) and it was not great. I really want to experiment with more recipes from Ottolenghi's book Jerusalem, seems like I could find many that would be compliant or be great post whole30.

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DAY 30!!!!!!! 

Breakfast- homemade sausage, fried egg

Lunch- 1/2 baked sweet potato with ghee, cinnamon and walnuts, scrambled eggs, 1/2 apple and a larabar

Dinner- seared tuna and pineapple cauliflower fried rice

I am continuing 3 more days so I'll feel like I've done a REAL whole30 (to make up for the rotisserie chicken on days 1-3). I think I may just be tired after a busy weekend but I was super unmotivated today! My kitchen's a mess, I need more groceries and I just don't feel like I can keep up with everything sometimes. BUT I just have 3 more days, I know I can do it! I have plans to make pulled pork so I kind of feel like that will save the day for me. 

I'm going to clean my kitchen now and whatever else I have energy for so tomorrow will be a better day.

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Day 32 (yesterday): 

Breakfast- scrambled eggs and homemade breakfast sausage

Lunch- pulled pork and raw carrots

Dinner- sweet potato and turnip gnocchi (fail!) and a larabar

yesterday and today are tricky- I'm basically out of groceries and yesterday I was out all day because I had a dentist appointment far away. Thankful my mom came with me to watch my baby but still by the time I got home I was tired, hungry (didn't eat lunch till 3) and needed a hand from my husband, who couldn't help cause he worked late and then had to play (drums) at our wednesday church service. These are the days when I just do my best and try not to worry that it's not perfect. 

Today I will go get some groceries and this is my last day of this round of whole30- BUT I'm starting again Monday so I can encourage my parents! 

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Day 33:

Scrambled egg with sauteed cabbage

Pulled pork, raw carrots, and a few olives

Cashews and Raisins

Raspberries, Sweet potato gnocchi and filet mignon and scallops


Hurray! If I was going to start re-intro I'd be a little stressed right now but instead, I'm taking 3 days off (not going wild, but definitely going out to eat!) and then starting again Monday. 

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Day 1, round 2!
M1: kale and garlic sauteed in olive oil with 2 eggs

M2: scrambled eggs, green beans, sweet potato gnocchi

M3: grass fed beef sliders on sweet potato "buns" and sauteed red cabbage and apple

(edited to add:- forgot to mention I ate some pistachios while I cooked dinner and AFTER dinner I ate cashews, raisins and a carrot :/. I forgot about the whole "going to bed a little hungry" that I went through during my first whole30. I've got to have some good food around, or leftovers, to make another meal and not snack. I did NOT buy plantains for this whole30 and somehow, didn't eat a date stuffed with almond butter. I'm learning.)

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Day 2

M1: spinach frittata with sweet potatoes and cabbage saute

M2: grass fed beef sliders on sweet potato "buns" and sauteed red cabbage and apple

M3: cashews (probably too many), roasted carrots, massaged kale salad with apple cider vinegar/cashews, olive oil, lemon artichoke drumsticks (3), and 3 (:0!) dates stuffed with almond butter. 

Not real happy with my nuts/date intake but very happy with my veggie intake.


Day 3

M1: spinach frittata with sweet potatoes

M2: 2 lemon artichoke drumsticks, kale salad, cabbage saute

M3: lamb meatballs with balsamic fig compote, butternut squash soup, braised kale

Don't think I'll need to eat anything before bed tonight, I may get a little hungry but nothing unbearable. I think I'm starting to even out.

My dinner was amazing and didn't even take long to make. My husband and baby loved it too. I love how whole30 forces me to branch out and try new recipes. The best part is, I've got leftovers for lunch.

Terribly, terribly nervous about travelling this weekend, for a week. I'm staying with 2 sets of in-laws and feel incredibly rude to be bringing my own food and being suspicious of unmentioned sugar/soy/wheat in whatever they make. I've prepped one set of in-laws but still feel anxious. Eating super healthy forces other people to examine how they are eating and that is more confrontation than I feel comfortable with. I am purposefully not bringing compliant hot dogs because I don't know how I would explain that these specific hot dogs are ok on this diet. Ha. 

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Day 4:


M1: sweet potato hash with 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, 1/2 an apple with almond butter

M2: lamb meatballs with balsamic fig compote, butternut squash soup, braised kale

M3: steak with sweet potato fries and salad/slaw with red cabbage, carrot and sweet peppers in a tahini dressing

Feeling good and fine, just a bundle of nerves about my trip. Oh and the impeding closing on a house we randomly decided to buy. And trying to sell the one we live in. NBD. 

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M1: scrambled eggs abd raspberries

M2: oh man I was out all day yesterday and didnt make time to eat lunch so this is rough: cashews, raisins, apple and almond butter.

M3: spaghetti squash casserole and 2 dates with almond butter.


M1: 2 1/2 hb eggs, 1/2 banana

M2: salad with tomatoes, pecans, avocado, hb eggs

M3: shrimp and broccoli stir fry, spaghetti squash casserole, strawberries and terra chips.

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I should add yesterday we drove for 10.5 hours so I was really happy with the food I had packed. Had planned to eat carrot sticks with breakfast but sometimes my jaw is sore and my teeth are sensitive and carrots are just too hard.

Dinner went ok, I fastidiously checked everything my mil threw into the skillet when she made the stir fry and it was surprisingly compliant! Cooked in coconut oil, no less!

I bought the terra chips for a "just in case I need something compliant" during my trip and ate some after I ate all my dinner last night. I thought they were compliant but not encouraged but I just looked them up and they're really frowned on. I get why, of course, and I should have known better. I think I was just wandering around Walmart looking anything I could pack for our trip.

Hope now that we arrived this week will go better. Still alot of meal planning to be done.

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