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Meal planning for Mother's Day

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I decided since I just started Whole30 that I wanted to stay in for Mother's Day.  Which means making food for my mom, who reluctantly agreed to come over (I really think she wanted pancakes in a restaurant, because she asked me if I could cheat since it was a holiday.  Seriously.  But I've also been paleo for a year, and she still bakes me sugary stuff and gluten).   You should've seen when I hosted Thanksgiving at my house.... I don't think she ate much...lol.  Paleo seems like a dirty word <_< .


ANYWAYS.... I'm racking my brain as to what I can make for her (and MY special day, but my kids are too young to cook and my hubby would burn the house down.  Or give us food poisoning).  She's resistant to the Whole30 thing... don't ask.  I'm planning so far with paleo crab cakes (although they use almond flour to bind... is that ok?).  http://everydaypaleo.com/everyday-paleo-crab-cakes/


I also chose a quiche: (I'd use coconut milk). 




Are my choices compliant?  I'm trying not to do SWYPO.  Apparently, that doesn't sound as fun as the real thing.... :P

Thanks in advance!


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Almond or coconut flour used as a binder in something like crab cakes is fine. What's not ok is using it to make Paleo muffins, cookies, and other treats of that ilk.


Quiche is fine too. For the recipe you linked, substitute the butter with ghee or clarified butter, and use compliant coconut or almond milk to make it Whole30 compliant. Looks delicious!

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