Forgive me Whole30, for I have sinned...


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12 hours ago, NoMoreCrunchyCravings said:

I love reading these recent posts. It gives me hope that I have others I can use as an example of how to kind of achieve a balance of w30 and the standard American diet (read: going overboard). Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I haven't posted in a while, and truth to tell, I'm a little more off the path than I'd like (damn that sugar!). But majority of my meals are still template. So I figure I'm still a little ahead of the game.

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this thread would be a whole lot longer if I included all of my transgressions!  I'm not currently doing a W30, and I never actually fully completed the first one I tried, back in April(?! - so long ago, not even sure when I tried to do it .. just checked my diary, started April 12th !!) didn't finish it, didn't do re-intros, but learnt a lot about what affect certain foods have on me.  I try to eat complient meals when I can, and avoid added sugars, etc.  I plan to do a W30 in January.  I won't say what I had to spark this post, but it wasn't a happy experience.

must try harder.

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