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Day 14 stomach problems. Need a solution

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Hey friends! Definitely a newbie at the Whole 30. This is my first one and I am trying to figure out what my intolerance are since I have very bad IBS. I suckered my mom into doing it with me so it is a lot easier, and she's feeling great! I however, continue to have headaches and bad stomach aches.Mostly, I get really gassy or have multiple bouts of diarrhea per day. 

1) I'm on day 14, are stomach problems normal?

2) The only things that used to calm my stomach down were saltines and ginger ale. I desperately want some saltines just to relieve the pain but I'm sure this isn't acceptable. Any other tried and true (or even possible) solutions? 

3) What can I do when I get headaches?

A usual day looks something like (I have to have a small snack in between meals because I am in school and otherwise I am starving):

7 am: Two  hard boiled eggs, broccoli or green beans, an apple or some berries or half a sweet potato

11 am: small portion of nuts or green beans and fruit

1 pm: salad with ground beef or chicken and a couple berries

4 pm: veggies, a couple nuts and some fruit

6 pm: dinner (this really varies day to day, there's no usual dinner but they're all whole 30 compliant)

The one thing I've noticed is that I cannot eat scrambled eggs, I can eat them any other way, but scrambled makes me sick. Also, I noticed I eat a lot of fruit. I'm not eating it for a sugar replacement, I just really love fruit. Am I eating too much? 

Sorry this was a lot of info! Thanks for any help!

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Congratulations to making it to day 14! Stomach issues are normal for your whole30. You are changing the way you eat and your gut bacteria is all out of whack. Taking digestive enzyemes can help alot. You might want to try fermented foods like kombucha (drink) or saurkraut as well.


Raw veggies can cause stomach issues. Perhaps you can try cooking all your veggies for a few days and see if that helps.


Eggs can irritate some people. Are your eggs from pastured chickens? Some people are so sensitive to grains and soy that they can't even have eggs from chickens that were fed grains and soy. You might try changing the eggs you buy and see if that helps or avoid eggs for a week and see if you notice a difference.


Fruit and FODMAP foods can disturb your gut. These fruits and veggies have a lot of natural sugar and some people can't handle that. You might want to try avoiding fruit for a few days and see if that helps (I know easier said than done)


The reason that you need to snack is probably because you are not eating enough. You should eat according to the meal planning template. Accoding to the template you should eat as many eggs as you can hold in one hand 3 - 4. I find that I stay satisfied longer if I eat ground meat instead of eggs in the morning. Also salads are not very filling so if you have a salad for lunch you will be hungry again. If you need a snack then have one just try to make it a mini meal with protein, veggies and fat and not fruit.

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I used to worry about breaking out an egg in public. Now I don't anymore. Why should a sandwich be more acceptable? :)


Also, maybe skip the broccoli and green beens for now. They can cause stomach problems, as can too much fruit. Especially stone fruits such as peaches and cherries.


Good luck!

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