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Question on observations and protein concerns

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There's possibly and couple of issues, but here's the story.


This is the 2nd Whole 30 I'm doing with my husband this year.  I felt very healthy at the end of the last one so I thought we'd do it again a month and a half before our trip to Germany.  We just finished week 2.


Like last time, my muscles feel wimpier than when eating grains.  I wasn't sure if I was actually just losing muscle mass or if I just didn't have the energy supply, but after I started grains and sugar again, my muscles felt fine almost right away, so it was probably an energy source thing.  Is there a way to alleviate that feeling this time around?  My husband is training for a marathon and muscle fatigue is an issue with him right now.  He refuses to eat more carby veggies even though I'm repeatedly telling him this diet isn't about carb restriction. 


The next issue is kinda 2 issues.  Last night, husband and I had an argument during dinner due to mutual irritability (we made up!).  As a result, I had little appetite and didn't eat enough.  This morning my muscles were wimpier than ever and my brain was feeling hazy.  So I had an extra portion of fruit (a whole banana and a handful of strawberries) with my breakfast of eggs and sweet potato in hopes of getting some quick energy.  Then, still feeling tired, I had a huge piece of salmon (possibly 3-4 palms worth) along with lots of salad greens and sweet potato for lunch.  Is it bad that I had so much protein all at once?  I don't usually have so many carby veggies in a day either, but I don't feel overly full, just satiated.  Stll feel kinda hazy, but muscles are doing a little better. 


Any thoughts on my situation are appreciated!

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Recovering from under eating can take a while. I would not worry about eating extra the day after under eating. I would not worry unless you keep eating 3-4 palms worth of protein at every meal tomorrow. :)


Runners who follow a paleo diet under perform until they become efficient fat burners and even then, they benefit from eating lots of starchy veggies. Someone training for a marathon should eat at least one big sweet potato (or equivalent) per day and eating two or even three on hard days might be good. 


You don't have to restrict starchy veggies to lose weight. I lost weight while eating 2 sweet potatoes per day when I did my first Whole30. I lost weight slowly, but I suffered a performance hit only the first two weeks.

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