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Whole30 #4 - Let's do this again!


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So I'm starting this log here so that I have a place to track my food and my feelings...and the days.  I've done other Whole14's or 21's in the past year, but it's been more than a year since I last did a full Whole30 (I think).


I live about 90% Whole30 anyway, but after a business trip a few weeks ago, I felt the crap creep and thought I could use a re-set.  Yesterday morning, during breakfast, I made the decision to do another Whole30.


Day 1:


B: sweet potato, veggie, sausage hash topped with 2 eggs fried in lard, black coffee

L: salad at Whole Foods' salad bar

D: cold chicken, hard boiled egg, carrots (eaten at bowling league night)

S: cashews and almonds


Day 2:


B: egg whites, coconut milk, spinach scramble with strawberries

L: left over crock pot veggie meatballs cooked in spinach, mashed sweet potato

S: hard boiled egg, orange

D: ahi tuna salad with mixed veggies and avocado, blueberries


Looking forward to doing a cook-up this weekend!

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Well, alrighty then....


The day after I posted the above, my husband was in a motorcycle accident, shattering the bones in his lower leg.  Since then, I've been his caretaker.  The first weekend was spent primarily in the hospital where I remained good for day one, but on day two, I ended up eating a Kind bar as the 'least unhealthy' option.  Whole30 commitment broken.


Since then, I've been primarily focused on his needs and while I'm doing a ton of cooking, I haven't been as diligent as I should for a true Whole30.  Between covering two jobs at work, caring for (and walking, since we don't have a yard) 3 large dogs on my own and caring for my huband who is under strict orders to remain immobile until his next surgery (June 5), it's all I can do to keep getting out of bed each morning.  I know I would feel better if I could eat solid Whole30, but frankly, I fear a massive breakdown should the 'kill all things' stage kick in.  I don't think I could survive it and too many people are counting on me at the moment.  So I'm pretty much 90% Whole30 with the occasional preservative or sugar ingredient sneaking into things.


My goal for the next two weeks (until we know how moblie my husband will be after surgery #2) is to keep the nasties to a minimum and to increase my veggie content to template standards.  I'm good at lunch or dinner, but breakfast has gotten a little slack.  As an example, yesterdays breakfast was a smoothie (all compliant ingredients, but clearly not the best choice) and today was a couple of old (freezer) egg/sweet potato waffles spread with almond butter and a banana.  Grab and go...  I need to carve out 30 minutes of time for me to make some egg muffins or a frittata that I can 'grab' just as easily.  The problem is that I'm lucky if I get 30 - 45 minutes to myself each day.  That interval must be shared between exercise, bathing and pre-cooking meal items. 


There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I just can't see it yet.  The knowledge that it is there (somewhere) is getting me through each day!

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It's time.  We are now 6 days past my husband's second surgery.  Now that his bones have been put back together again and he is focusing on healing, he is way more receptive to a super healthy diet.  He is constantly doing internet research about the best things to eat to heal quickly.  99% of what he comes up with is met by the Whole30 and since he's pretty much my captive audience (and I'm cooking for us both anyway), we will both be starting a Whole30 tomorrow.


I'll do my best to hit the meal template myself, but if he gets up and hobbles to the kitchen for an apple or a banana as a snack, I'm not going to fault him.  The fact that he is getting up at all is progress!  There aren't any non-compliant foods in the house unless he's sticking his finger into the bucket of honey in the garage (we used to keep bees).


I would count today but I made a honey-lime dressing for our salads at lunch so I'm not compliant yet.  I just hope that I've been eating close enough to Whole30 that I don't go through a crazy-tough transition. 

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Day 1: so far so good...but it is only the first day! ;-)


B: egg/veggie/chicken apple sausage 'muffin' and cantaloupe.  (I make mine in a 'Texas' sized muffin tin, so they are big!)

S: two bites of banana (shared with the dogs)

L: leftover crock pot cilantro lime chicken thighs over cauli rice with roasted broccoli and asparagus

D: beef and sausage saute over cabbage 'noodles'


No hunger, no urge to binge.

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