Vampire Repellent Soup (funny)

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I just warmed up a bowl of "Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup" from The Clothes Make the Girl blog I am laughing at myself. It tastes RIDICULOUS, it SCREAMS of garlic. NOT HER FAULT!!!


The recipe calls for "4 large cloves of garlic." Ya know that Trader Joe's jar of chopped garlic? (I don't use fresh b/c I HATE that smell on my fingers). I didn't read the jar because the print is really small and my reading glasses weren't nearby. My memory/"guesstimate" told me a tablespoon was about a clove. So I put in about 3-4 tablespoons, kinda rounded, not flat, cuz hey, what the heck, we like loud flavor. Once the soup was done, I tried it & thought it was a bit TOO loudly flavored... I pulled the jar out of the fridge, put my glasses on and read it: 1 TEASPOON equals TWO to THREE cloves. The recipe calls for 4 cloves. Oops, I added the equivalent of 24 - 36 cloves!!   


I will certainly slumber with an sense of utter security knowing that just for today, I am very safe from vampires...  :lol:   :lol:   :lol:

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Well, do you know that in France (and Belgium, where I live) we MAKE GARLIC SOUP!!  it's called a tourée Auvergnate and tastes delicious.  We also regularly make chicken with 36 garlic cloves (of course, we don't eat them all!! :rolleyes: )  just a few, we also like to sleep peacefully. :D



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