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Putting me first is tough!

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Hi ll,

 I have  been around this forum for over a year  and have had great results overall. Had  a "relapse" of sorts this winter with the stress of losing our "boy"-our dog of over 8 years, then adding a "baby girl", another puppy as an empty house is excrutiating for us(no kids).

Then my hubby got sick-most of March/April spent in the hospital and fighting a necrotic foot that as of Thursday is NO more. He is back in the hospital with a below knee amputation.

During this time, I am working full time to pay the mortgage, driving a 2 hour commute and trying to take care of our puppy, and my hubby who was  wheelchair bound for the most part. It has been exceedingly difficult to stay on plan and it shows-weight gain, irritablity and insomnia. I make it for several days then the stress gets to me and I fall back on old bad habits that really make me quite a nasty person. lack of time to exercise is a killer for me as I cope with stress with training for triathlons 10 hours a week. I am lucky to get in 10 mins these days.

BUT.....it is over. The foot is gone and we can start fresh and get healthy again. We are 55 yo so that makes it a bit more challenging. He will come home next week and be in that wheelchair for 2 months then he can get a new leg. It will be tough at first, I know. He has to figure out a way to get the puppy out to do her business and he needs to learn to cook his own meals while I am at work(fast food is what got him in this mess).

I have got to put the oxygen mask on my face first as I am the sole provider now. I have to work, clean, cook, walk the dog while he recovers and it is exhausting.

Gotta find the time to train, eat well and stay strong as this will be quite a journey for both of us.

W30 will be a corner stone for good health going forward. Just gotta do it!!!



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Holy cow, cayenne - I gasped at reading your post - what you've both been through!


I hope you find ways of relieving stress, staying grounded, and giving yourself care as you move through this transition.

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Thanks...I suspect there are so many others that are  struggling more than me these days. I read posts by single mothers with autisitic children and I just shudder. If my little puppy would just settle down! She has a cold right now with a yellow snotty nose and I think the cough meds are making her hyper.

But tomorrow starts a new week and since I have a few days here with a bit less to do so I can get a solid head start and I pray it sticks. 

I appreciate your well wishes!!! 

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