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Ok so I started my re-into with dairy. And i'll admit I had big plans for a post Whole 30 Binge. I may be the only one who just planned on eating whatever whole hog- or maybe I'm just honest :-) anyhow....


 TWo days ago at the end of the Whole 30 (a planned whole 28 for me)I was down to 117 lbs, 17% body fat and feeling fantastic.


Went to Haagen daaz.  Had a KIDS scoop (less than a half cup of chocolate ice cream.  First of all I honestly did not want to finish it.  It tasted weird and too "milky".  Then I had 6 chocolate almonds and a mini heath bar. MAJOR sugar headache and migraine.  I was bloated and felt terrible that night.


 The next day I decided to really just let it go to hell and I had 1/2 cup cream (again) had 4 small chocolate chip cookies as reintroduction along with a small fudge popsicle.  All afternoon my stomach was bloated and I was in a sugar fog like I never have been.  I felt like i had the flu.  It was crazy.  I was planning on having pizza too and just couldn't.  After 48 hours of sugar (plus a few small paleo compliant meal)  I felt so bad that I passed out at 8pm and slept 12 hours.  


Today I was thinking of trying sushi and I found myself eating leftover zucchini (zoodles) and meat sauce and cauliflower instead.  Partially fear of feeling awful and possibly a healthy craving (!?) fueled that decision.


I also have not had ANY desire to drink - and that was the hardest part in the beginning.


Has anyone else experienced these horrible symptoms with dairy and or sugar?  I suspect I am slightly lactose intolerant but the sugar reaction was crazy.  I ALWAYS pre whole 30 could eat a few cookies or a small amount of ice cream no problem. It;s not like I downed a pint of dairy- it was literally a 1/4 cup of ice cream that did me in!


I am running back to whole 30 because I am scared of how awful the non-compliant foods made me feel.  I love that I don't crave the alcohol but I am adjusting to the idea of a life without icecream and cookies. EVER?

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You also added gluten to the mix with the cookies and depending on their source potentially other things.


My advice would be to return to Whole30 for 4-5 days and than do controlled introductions of the foods you are likely to eat in the future. It is just too hard to nail down what caused your symptoms with how this went down.


As a reminder, the advice for reintroduction is to pick one thing and have it at all 3 meals, the rest of the meal being compliant and then go back to W30 compliant eating for 2 days. Do this with each thing you want to test.

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