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elevated thyroid antibodies?

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 A question for ya'all.  The thyroid issues seem to becoming more prominent in medicine and the news.  Do you think there may be an environmental cause or just more awareness?

Thyroid issues do appear to be at epidemic levels, especially for women. While I can't remember where I read or heard it, the environmental source seemed to be mass-produced home products (like carpet and furniture) full of toxic chemicals. Also, toxins in beauty products, which we use a lot. That could all be bunk but you might find more info by googling "thryoid epidemic."

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Thank-you all for your responses and concerns.  I am working with a very good doctor, who actually recommended the Whole 30 approach, the dulse and the brazil nuts.  I am confident she will do all the thyroid tests again in Jan when I go for my wellness exam.  I feel I have finally gotten to the root of the problem knowing my thyroid antibodies are elevated.  I just received my book, ISWF, today and will start reading it.  I need a lot more information before I commit to doing a Whole 30.  I will not eat dairy, because it gives me eczema on my hands and feet.  I plan remain gluten free, because I read "Grain Brain" and find the scientific evidence is compelling.  I eat some foods that do not show up on the food shopping lists and hope to find more information in the book.  Some of my staples include nutritional yeast, huckleberries, and wild rice.  I also grow various sprouts, especially during the winter.  I take vitamin D and Ibuprofen (prescribed by one of my doctors for a torn ligament in my ankle due to an accident).  At this time, I am not ready to commit to a Whole 30.  I will look into the iodine tests...I was under the impression there was not a good test for iodine.  I plan to research about the genetic issues mentioned by Heather and praxisproject in this thread, because my daughter has many of the same problems, especially with the thyroid issues.  Thanks again for the suggestions...it is awesome to have some other input.  A question for ya'all.  The thyroid issues seem to becoming more prominent in medicine and the news.  Do you think there may be an environmental cause or just more awareness?


Our general nutritional recommendations don’t include grains of any kind—no breads, cereals, pasta, rice, not even gluten-free grains or pseudo-cereal. No, not even whole grains.* While grains are technically seeds of plants in the grass family, for our purposes we’re going to lump similarly-structured pseudo-cereals in this category as well. This list includes wheat, oats, barley, rye, millet, corn (maize), rice (including wild rice), sorghum, teff, triticale, spelt, kamut, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa.

Hemp is an incomplete plant protein, like soy protein or gluten. Besides being processed (which we don’t dig), it’s not going to be as useful of a protein source as, say, eggs or fish, so if there’s a way that you can stick to Real Food (meaning fresh, unprocessed stuff), you’re WAAAAY better off. 


Sprouts are alright but many leave them out on a Whole 30.


Nutritional Yeast: Yes

Just consider your source carefully and make sure the option you choose is gluten-free. Also, please don’t use it to make vegan cheese.

- See more at: http://whole30.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/#sthash.E1u6HV8Z.dpuf

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