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Natural flavors and gluten?


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Hi all,


Been away for a little bit, lurking here and there, but not straying too far off the road after some initial over-indulging in non-gluten analogues of gluten-y things.  :ph34r:


I've read here a number of times that "natural flavors" in ingredients lists are fine, but then I've been reading on gluten-free sites that they are often gluten-derived.


Is this something to be really concerned about?  I'm going to start avoiding them myself since I keep having symptoms (usually "stuffy" eyes, if that makes sense) even when eating cleanly, but wanted to ask the smarties here.




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A few thoughts:


No one knows exactly what "natural flavors are."


Bloggers are not the most rigorous crowd when it comes to verifying information. 


As a moderator, I am comfortable saying that the inclusion of natural flavors on an ingredient list does not make something off limits during a Whole30.


If you notice yourself having a problem with something, by all means avoid it. 

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