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No Improvement, Serious Bathroom Problems

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Today is day 22. I have not eaten a single piece of bread or lick of ice cream (my two favorites). My body does not feel slimmer, I have not lost a pound. Also, the last two days I've been feeling extremely foggy, and I'm still witing for endless energy.

Example Day

Breakfast: 3 egg omlette with mushrooms, spinch, peppers, onions. 2 pieces breakfast sausage, 1 cup strawberries

Lunch: Raw broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, carrots. Sometimes a small piece of baked chicken if it is available in the cafeteria.

Snack: 1 oz salted cashews

Dinner: Salad with grilled chicken, pecans, cranberries, oranges, no dressing.

Dessert: honeydew melon

Not to mention, all my BMs have been runny. And it BURNS. It burns like nothing I have ever felt in my life.

I also got those strips for diabetics, to see whether I switched to fat burning, and the strips said I was not in Ketosis at all.

:( I feel like all of my work is for nothing. WHY?

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I'm not seeing the good fats-are you eating any?

Are there days when you don't have any lunch protein if it's not available in the cafeteria? Ideally each meal is best with protein, veg and some good fats. Think Tom mentioned as a guide it's a palm sized amount of protein, a thumb sized amount of fat and the rest of plate with veggies. Perhaps you aren't tolerating the raw lunch veggies too well? Would stir fry or steamed veg be an option you could try in case this is an issue and related to the BM you've been having?

Also your dinner is heavy on the fruit . You could try a little evoo and balsamic as a dressing and add in more greens, tomatoes and other non-fruit salad ingredients or some avocado as a 'good fats' addition either.

I think it looks like you aren't eating enough generally, especially at lunch time if chicken or other protein not always included. I would imagine that is why you are low in energy and not losing weight as your body may be hanging on to every last lb if it isn't getting enough food.

I'm no expert and I'm sure the mods or seasoned W30'ers will advise more but just my observations anyway for what they are worth.

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I second what SummerGirl said. Your breakfast looked good, but the other meals could use some adjustments. In addition, some people have trouble digesting raw vegetables. If you are having bowel problems, you might need to switched to cooked veggies to make it easier on your system.

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