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My birthday is around the corner and I need some advice staying Whole 30 compliant. Any suggestions for birthday cake? Beverages? Other? I want to load my tool belt to battle the old habits and "sugar dragon" that day! I want to be successful and enjoy my birthday next week (I will be on Day 16 of my Whole 30 that day).

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A beautiful drink served in your favorite wine or cocktail glass, so you won't miss the hooch so much.

I saw one the other day that I must try...

Watermelon Breeze

3 cups cubed chilled watermelon

1 cup coconut water

squeeze of fresh lime

Ice if needed

Sprig of mint

Put all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth.

Makes two servings.

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Somwhere I saw a photo on a Paleo site with a Meat cake. Was it on the Whole30 FB page a while back? It was a meatloaf made in a cake pan. Someone wrote Happy Birthday in tomato paste or marinara or something like that and decorated it with veggies, olives, etc. That's a cake that would work! :) Or egg cupcakes. Check out kid's Paleo food recipes and make something fun. You could have a little appetizer party for dinner. Prosciutto wrapped melon, Paleo Chicken Satay, veggies with Sunshine Sauce etc.

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