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I just finished the book and am getting ready to grocery shop. I'm super nervous that I'll blank out on good foods that I can make, so I started looking up recipes on websites on the back of book, Pinterest, etc. A lot of these recipes have honey or agave in them. I could have sworn those were no no's? Or at some point are those ok after the 30 days but just not during?

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Here's the Cliff notes for Whole30. I would suggest you print it so it's handy.


Here's the meal template -- another essential guide.


Here's the official list of can and can't haves.


There are a lot of online recipes out there that claim they are Whole30 but aren't. It's up to you to check the ingredients to make sure everything is compliant. 


If you are unsure about anything, try searching first. (Best way is to google "Whole30" + whatever you want to know). If nothing comes up, then by all means, post a question here.


To answer your question, honey and agave and any other source of sugar are not allowed during a Whole30.


Good luck!

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