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First week of July start, living in Korea :)


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Seeing my sister follow Whole30 once (and her gearing up to go at it again), I decided to join in for the ride! I've yet to read the book, but I've found that it's being sold in a couple bookstores here, so I'll probably pick it up. 


I'm living and working in Seoul, South Korea as an English teacher, so I have some worries about finding compliant food, figuring out what I can eat when I eat out, staying in budget, etc. But I'll try my best! I'm thinking Costco, iherb, and Gmarket will be my best friends, haha. 


I haven't been eating well for a while now, so I think having some sort of rules to follow would help me. I've never been able to follow a diet, so I'm hoping to look at this as more of a lifestyle change than a "count calories, counteract your calories!" kind of thing. I'm pretty happy and confident with my body and how I look, so I'm doing this more for my health and well-being - I know my way of eating now could come back and haunt me later! Hopefully thinking of it this way will help me stay focused and not get discouraged.


Anyways, I have a lot of preparing before July starts. Must clean up my tiny oneroom and make some space for cooking and storing food!


If anyone else is in Korea, it'd be great to hear from you! Sharing tips and struggles would be really helpful. ^^

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I searched the forum and found three participants who live in Korea (besides you). There are probably more, but I stopped looking after the first three..


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