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Whole 30 Adventure - starting August 13th!


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My husband and I transitioned to the read food lifestyle this last January - giving up processed foods, low-fat foods, etc. In addition, we've been gradually cutting out all chemical cleaning products, bath and body products, etc.

Over the course of learning about this new lifestyle, I've been exposed to the other nutrition/diet styles and have toyed with the idea of trying Paleo or GAPS.

After hearing about the Whole30 yesterday - it was enough to convince my husband and I that it was time to take it to the extreme for a bit to further promote the healing/health benefits that we've already begun experiencing by switching to real food.

We are planning on starting on MONDAY, August 13th, so that we can use up the food from this week's grocery trip first without wasting anything. I've already made my meal plan for next week, however, and plan on purchasing all grocery items at my weekly farmer's market trip on Saturday!

I'll be updating my blog every week day with our progress - but thought I'd go ahead and post on here as well for added accountability!

We're hoping this will help me kick my chronic headaches and allergies, and my husband's Keratosis Pilaris. Looking forward to the journey!

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Everything is going really well so far! Have plenty of energy and have consistently felt satisfied by the food we're eating...

I HAVE had a ROARING headache - but thats been present since last week, so wasn't brought on by W30. I'm just hoping this will help it go away! Yesterday's breakfast was scrambled pastured eggs with tomatoes, spinach and bell pepper. Lunch was raw carrots, grapes, apple & almond butter. And dinner was seared salmon with a lime-ghee sauce on a bed of spinach, sliced almonds, and fried (in coconut oil) plantains with a homemade kiwi vinaigrette... LOVE how this is making me get very creative in my cooking!

Today Day 2: I had a soft boiled egg and sliced tomato for breakfast, and also enjoyed a cup of coffee with some coconut milk (first thing with any caffeine I've had in close to a month - hoping that will help with the headache! Lunch is the same as yesterday, except add a hardboiled egg. And then dinner will be bunless burgers with avocado and baked sweet potato fries... Yum :)

Praying this headache will be gone soon - and looking forward to seeing how I'm feeling overall at the end of the week! Also hoping we'll start to slowly see a difference in my husband's KP from all this... I have a sneaking suspicion it is the dreaded gluten that is causing it - so hopefully 30 days gluten (and all other inflammatory things) free will really make the difference!

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