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Thank you for the feedback, I am so glad I am posting here!!  I usually have kale or spinach with breakfast - I will go back to that.  We just got back into town and I did not have any in the fridge.  I will add it tomorrow for sure.  Also, I forgot that about snacks being mini-meals......I will add protien and fat to it if I end up having it.


Many thanks!

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Day 2 - here is the plan:

B- Kale, eggs and 1/3 avocado (it is a huge avocado, so half seemed like too much)

L - chicken and turkey, salad greens, peppers, fruit, oil/ vinegar dressing

D - meatloaf, green beans and spinach salad


Yesterday I got home much later than usual but I held out to eat the meal I planned at home.  Planning is key!

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Yesterday was pretty darn good, I overate almonds in the evening, I was a little hungry did not portion them out before hand.  Lesson learned!


Todays plan:

Breakfast: sauteed veggies, hard boiled eggs, sunflower butter

Lunch: salmon, salad greens, green beans, avocado

Dinner: we wil be at a kids birthday party (hoping for something I can eat) if not I will have to wait to eat when we get home and have tuna salad, tomtatoes/ olive oil, peppers

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Day 5 here we go!


B - done, kale, eggs, avocado (I have this most mornings, I love it!)

L - tuna salad on lettuce wraps, maybe some fruit

D - ground beef, chimmichuri sauce, roasted vegetables, spinach fritters


Yesterday was tough, I was at the bday and was not feeling good and wanted to go crazy eating to feel better - I stuck to my guns and made it through!

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Day 7 was

B: Kale, avocado, eggs

L: chicken, roasted veggies and chimichuri sauce, fruit

D: deviled eggs, chicken satay, olives, shrimp cocktail, fruit (we were at a party, no veggies served!!)


Day 8 will be:

B: Kale, avocado, mushrooms and eggs

L: chicken, spinach salad, roasted veggies

D: ground meat, sunchine sauce, green beans

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