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Hi, I started my 3rd whole 30 July 13th.  I took one day off inbetween the first and second and a few days inbetween the 2nd and third. 


While on my 2nd whole 30 I was on a 2 week vacation, it ended in the middle of the 2nd week....so I waited til I got home to start again.  I did really well on vacation.  There was not a whole lot of variety in my foods, but they did the trick of keeping me on track!


Headaches are gone....feel great....lost 23 lbs!!!!!  WOOOO HOOOO.  Eating my fill at meals.  But I have noticed that my appetite has shrunk a bit.  I think thats ok though.  I like the 30 days on and one day off.  I thought I would be a maniac the one day off....but I am not.  I have something I am craving and it satisfies me.  Every whole 30 creates a new craving for me.  The first one I wanted pizza and choclate cake...had that.  The second one I wanted an ice cream sundae....had that at the end of vacation!  This time I am dreaming about toll house cookies....I will have those on August 12th!  Haha.  This is how I can complete the whole 30 and keep myself on track.  I dont get a sick feeling after, but it does send me to the bathroom rather quickly.


All that being said....I am loving this program!

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