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Watermelon gazpacho


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What a great summer dish.  I checked out a few recipes and kind of just did my own thing...


1/2 Trader Joe's seedless watermelon - no idea about the size of this and I didn't measure

1 can of Muir Glen diced roasted tomatoes (drained)

1 peeled burpless cucumber from the garden (the long skinny kind with few seeds)

big handful of basil from the garden

chunk of red onion


Tossed everything into the food processor except for some of the watermelon which I diced and added at the end for consistency.


It didn't really taste "watermelony" per se... really just kind of like a sweet, cold tomato soup.  


Ate it for lunch with some goat cheese (not doing W30 at the moment) and am looking forward to some more for dinner :)

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