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W30 at 8750


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Already Day 4! 


HUNGRY was the word of the day for yesterday. After my veggie scramble for breakfast around 8am, I needed some olives around 9:30am, then an early lunch at 11:00 (leftover basil meatballs with almond butter sauce and spinach), fresh cherries and dried figs at 2pm, more olives at 4pm... It was like I couldn't possibly eat enough! I figured I just haven't gotten enough food over the past couple days, so I made a substantial ground beef and potato skillet for dinner. I had nearly two portions! 


Today my focus is to have more filling meals to try to avoid the need to snack during the day. I got lots of russet potatoes, sweet potatoes and cauliflower (rice!) with my grocery delivery yesterday, so I'll work on getting some extra carbs in me as well. 


A new challenge also begins today, as the boyfriend's 6-year-old son will be with us for the next 3 days. He's an extraordinarily picky eater, but I've been working on getting more veggies into his diet, and he's slowly getting better. I really don't want to make him his own "special" versions of dinner, so I need to get creative with my W30 recipes to keep the struggle to a minimum! The hope is that this will end up being a great learning experience for him, and broaden his tastes a bit. His current typical day of eating is honey nut cheerios with milk for breakfast, a chocolate chip granola bar (basically a cookie) for a morning snack, cold canned pasta and goldfish for lunch, maybe some carrots with buckets of ranch (on a good day) for an afternoon snack, and cheese pizza or mac and cheese for dinner, with chocolate ice cream or a popsicle for dessert. There's usually some sort of a cookie or extra treat thrown in there during the day as well. 


I won't take away his beloved cereal for breakfast, but I'm going to do my best to keep his lunches paleo-ish, and any snacks or meals at the house will be the same as ours. We'll see how it goes! 


Day 3 Workout: SLUGGISH 3 mile run (ready to get my energy back!), 30 minutes yoga

Day 3 Win: Lots of treats at the office yesterday, and even though my hunger was SO real, I didn't feel the urge to reach for any of them! Normally I'd grab something every time I walked by. Win! 

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TGIF, and Happy Day 5! 


The kid is off to a good start! I made a compliant barbecue sauce for chicken legs and thighs on the grill, and he loved it. The zucchini was less of a hit, but hey, he ate some! I made some corn on the cob for the boys as well, because we still have a few ears of really great local corn, so their meal wasn't 100% compliant.


After dinner, I was packing his lunch, and he really wanted to help. That was a first! He helped peel and slice his cucumbers, which was a little scary, but he was excited to try. I think I'll buy him his own little knife set so he can start helping out in the kitchen, and maybe get a little more adventurous! He also helped make mayonnaise and was so excited to tell his dad about all of the ingredients. 


Now onto my day - I had leftover beef and potatoes for breakfast AND lunch, thinking that would help with the hunger, and it did! But I was still in such a "snacky" mood. I think I ate a little much over the course of the day, so I'm going to really consciously ease off today. I'll bring some fresh cherries and almonds for an afternoon pick-me-up if I need it, but will try to keep it at that. 


Today is also farmers market day! For the past few weeks I've been picking up a couple of really delicious homemade pizza crusts to make grilled pizzas for Friday night dinners, so those will be missed tonight. Instead, I hope to find lots of tomatoes and maybe some new type of produce for the kiddo to try. 


Day 4 Workout: 45 minute mountain bike ride, 30 minutes yoga

Day 4 Win: Although I did too much snacking, it consisted of a couple of dried figs and some castlevetrano olives. Normally a "snacky" day at work would include chips and a candy bar, so that's quite an improvement! 

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I've officially made it through my first whole work week! Day 6! 


The plan for last night was to get out of the house and have some fun. We invited our neighbor over for drinks after work (they had moscow mules, I had La Croix with a splash of apple/ginger juice and lime in a copper mug!) and we all went out to dinner. Unfortunately while we were at the restaurant, the kiddo started to feel really sick and seemed to be running a fever, so it wasn't exactly the exciting evening we were hoping for. We rushed through the meal (I had a buffalo burger with no bun and sweet potato fries) to get him home and into bed. He's still running a little bit of a fever this morning, but seems to be on the mend. I'll be doing my best to get some nutrients in him today, but with the leftover cheese pizza from his dinner last night (we felt bad for him), I have a feeling vegetables won't be happening! 


I woke up feeling hungover this morning - massive headache. I'm having my own, lighter version of bulletproof coffee (1/2 tsp of coconut oil + 1/2 tsp of ghee), and already feel a little bit better. I'm also roasting off a bunch of sweet potatoes to have in a pinch, since I plan on being as active as possible this weekend and need some fuel! 


Day 5 Workout: 4 mile walk/run (blahhh), no yoga. Will make up for it over the weekend!

Day 5 Win: Felt the need for a little treat after dinner, and instead of ice cream or another dessert-with-no-brakes, I went for some medjool dates stuffed with almond butter and a cup of tea. So much more satisfying! 

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Day 7! 

I had my first food dreams last night. The first was about Cheese-its, and the other a chocolate Hershey bar. I don't even like either of those things! Needless to say, I was thrilled when I woke up and realized it was only a dream. 

Yesterday was kind of a bust. The morning went well - I made a big, balanced breakfast and had to go open up some houses for showings, so I strapped my board to the car and paddled Trout Lake for a bit. I'm feeling it in my back and abs this morning! Unfortunately, after I got back in the early afternoon, it started pouring rain for the rest of the day. Crappy weather plus a sick kid led to a long day indoors! I made a comforting meal for dinner - ribs and mashed potatoes - and didn't get quite enough veggies in. I'll treat myself better today. 

Since it's Sunday, I'm going to use my log to check in with my goals: 

Nutrition: Obviously follow the W30, cook at least 5 dinners at home/week, drink at least 3000mL of water/day - CHECK! 
Sleep: No screens 1 hour before bed and NO snoozing in the mornings - CHECK!
Training: Follow my Nike+ 10k program, paddle at least once/week - CHECK!
Stress Management: Do 30 minutes of yoga every day - Missed Friday, but doubled up on Saturday, so CHECK!
Socialization: Get together with friends at least once/week - CHECK!
Natural Environment: Spend 30 minutes outdoors daily - CHECK!
Personal Growth: READ and study French daily - CHECK!
Fun & Play: Less screen time overall - Could do better this week, but it was still an improvement! 
Temperance: Stay focused throughout the day, and use NO social media, unless W30 related. - Again, not perfect, but better.

I will also take progress photos tomorrow and try to include them here. My stomach already feels flatter! Now if the breakouts on my chest would clear up, I would be SO happy...

Day 6 Workout: 1 hour SUP, 30 minutes yoga X 2

Day 6 Win: Mashed potatoes with dinner could have easily turned into a food-with-no-brakes scenario, but I had no problem stopping when I was full. 

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One week down! Day 8! 

I took progress photos this morning, and it was great to see some physical results. There is a definite reduction in puffiness/bloating, and an improvement  with the breakouts on my chest. I can't wait to find out what the next 22 days will bring! 

Yesterday was really the perfect Sunday. I took my time drinking coffee and having breakfast in the morning, did yoga on the deck off my bedroom, and went for a nice long run in the sunshine. The boys went fishing in the afternoon, but I stayed home to prep some meals for the week and enjoy some rare alone time in the house! It was still sunny, so I even got to enjoy some time laying out on the deck and reading It Starts With Food. The boys got home just as some storms started to roll in, so I read some more in the hammock, listening to the thunder. Seriously relaxing. 

Last night was Date Night, so after dropping off the kid, we went to a nice restaurant with one of my favorite happy hour specials, but of course didn't partake in my favorite martini! Instead I had club soda with lime and salmon tataki with pickled onions and jalapeno. The portion was TINY, but it was delicious. The boyfriend had a real cocktail and a sushi roll and an appetizer, which was kind of funny considering my meal only took two bites. After dinner, it was a beautiful night, so we went to a rooftop bar for one more drink (for him), then headed home to finish the evening off by the river. I made grilled peaches and coconut milk cream for dessert (which was only OK, thanks to not the ripest peaches), and ended up having to have one more little meal because I was so hungry! Lesson learned.

Pretty great Sunday, I'd say.

Day 7 Workout: 6 mile run (finally feeling back to normal!), 30 minutes yoga

Day 7 Win: I feel like I'm really learning to listen to my body, eat only when I'm hungry, and stop when I'm full. I sense a real habit change happening here! 

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Onto Day 9! 

I'm almost done re-reading It Starts With Food, and yesterday the Whole30 book finally came available at my library, so I'm excited to dive into it! I already thumbed through the recipes last night, and will be really grateful to have it on hand for the rest of the month.

Although my sleep isn't quite where I'd like it to be yet, I'm definitely feeling much more alert and productive already. Yesterday wasn't nearly as brutal of a Monday as it could have been! 

Dinner last night wasn't a huge success. I attempted cauliflower fried rice with my version of beef and broccoli (turkey with squash and broccolini), but everything came out a little bit too sweet. I still enjoyed it, but the boyfriend had to layer on the sriracha in order to choke it down. Tonight I'm going to keep it simpler - I've already started baking a delicious looking smoked ham roast from a local farm, and will make Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Zest from the W30 book! 

Day 8 Workout: 4.5 mile trail run, short meditative yoga

Day 8 Win: Felt snacky after dinner, so I really wanted to reach for my new favorite, dates with almond butter. I was able to recognize that I was NOT hungry, only craving, and instead made myself a cup of tea. Take that, Sugar Dragon! 

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Day 10! 

I definitely redeemed myself with last night's ham. I baked it low and slow in the morning in a casserole dish with water, so it stayed juicy, and reheated it while basting with its own juices. You would never miss a sugary glaze! It was stand-over-the-dish-and-eat-with-your-hands good! I didn't have a chance to get to the store thanks to a hectic work schedule, so no asparagus. Instead I just made a simple salad with greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives and a squeeze of lime. Successful supper!

Day 9 Workout: 4 mile run, 1 hour SUP (paddling took the place of yoga)

Day 9 Win: Other than having a juicy plum while fixing supper, I had ZERO snacks yesterday! I even told myself I could have some dates with almond butter after paddling last night, but we didn't get back until after 9pm, so I didn't go for it. Gotta love when exercise takes the place of snacks!


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Plowing through the week. Day 11! 

Can I say how much I'm loving my new morning routine? Getting up at 5:30, having coffee, reading the Whole30 Daily and writing in this log is the perfect way to start the day. 

Yesterday was another successful eating-only-when-hungry day. I did feel the pang of cravings after dinner, but I defeated them with yoga and a cup of tea while reading in bed. Dinner was grilled chicken wings (spicy tandoori wings with a mint chutney for the grown ups, and plain wings with salt, pepper & olive oil for the kid) with a side salad, and although I gave the kid some ranch on his salad, he ate ALL his veggies without a single complaint! The boyfriend loved the Indian style of our wings as well, so I'll be saving that recipe. I am SO happy that I put a big effort into planning and stocking the pantry with canned items and spices before the Whole30 began, because it's so much fun to just search for recipes and be able to have all of the ingredients on hand! The herb garden helps, too :)

On a different note, I understand why the Whole30 Timeline says that most people quit around Days 10-11. I have some bloat in my stomach right now, and my face/chest/back are still breaking out a little bit. I was already feeling the magic around this time on my first Whole30, so it's a little bit discouraging, but I won't give up! 

Day 10 Workout: 4 mile run, yoga

Day 10 Win: Feeling SO much more productive than before. While the boys were out playing basketball after work, I prepped dinner, cleaned the kitchen, made the kid's lunch for the next day, put laundry away and tidied up the bedroom - and I even had a few minutes to relax on the deck! 

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Finally Friday! Day 12! 

Everything is still feeling second nature, which is fabulous. I packed too light of a lunch for work (two chicken wings over mixed greens) and was hungry in the afternoon, so I grabbed some prosciutto and olives. Seriously, such an improvement from my days of chips and candy! The boyfriend was in charge of dinner last night, which was burger patties (with cheese for the boys), sweet potato fries and a spinach salad. I skipped the fries and had a big pile of sauteed spinach. The kid ate his whole salad (thank goodness for Ranch dressing!) and didn't have a single complaint about the missing bun for his burger!

Today is the day that I've been looking forward to (slash, dreading) since deciding to start the Whole30. What's the absolute worst thing you can do on a restrictive diet? Go to a food and wine tasting event! 

My favorite non profit holds the Top Chef/Taste of Telluride every year, and it's such a fun excuse to get dressed up and mingle (in a ski town that is typically extremely casual). I've done it once on the Whole30 before, and I know I can do it again! I'm just treating it as a fun night on the town - I got a really cute top that shows off my tan and newly toned shoulders (thank you, paddle boarding!), gave myself a mani/pedi last night, and will actually do my hair and makeup. Even the boyfriend is excited to pull out one of his nicer shirts for the occasion. We have a babysitter for the evening and everything! 

So... we'll see how it goes. I know from experience that there won't be much available for me to eat (because it is a tasting, restaurants and caterers bring samples - nothing is made-to-order), so I will eat a little something before we go to tame the cravings. Drinking will be the most difficult to maneuver, however, because there will be so many amazing wineries there. I'm halfway considering picking out the best wine I see, having 1 glass, and making it last for the entire night. SO against the rules, but this is a once-a-year thing, and it may be just what I need to make it through. I don't know!!! 

Anyway, I'll be stressing about it all day. :D I also am getting the same big cystic zit on my cheek that I've gotten around this time on the Whole30 before, on top of a hormonal breakout on my chin, which is just fantastic. Come on, TIGER BLOOD, I need you! 

Day 11 Workout: 1 hour mountain biking, yoga

Day 11 Win: Crushed every hill on my bike ride, that I've had to get off and walk before!


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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

I need to move to Colorado :) 


<off to look at travel RN jobs in the mountains of CO>


Also, have you heard of Prid's Drawing Salve?  I don't get cystic acne often but the few times I have, I have found that this stuff helps to make them go away sooner.  

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On 8/12/2016 at 7:25 AM, littleg said:

I need to move to Colorado :) 


<off to look at travel RN jobs in the mountains of CO>


Also, have you heard of Prid's Drawing Salve?  I don't get cystic acne often but the few times I have, I have found that this stuff helps to make them go away sooner.  

Thank you for the tip! I've never heard of it, but am always looking for new possible skin solutions. I just ordered it and will let you know how it goes! 

And, I highly recommend moving to CO ;) I came here right after college, planning to stay for a summer and move back to the "real world" afterwards... But that was quite a few years ago!

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Kind of, sort of, Day 13 :huh:

I succumbed to a glass of Malbec last night, and I don't regret it. Being surrounded by temptations all evening long, especially after a long, hectic day at work, was tough, and I decided to give myself this one little treat. It was just a small tasting glass, and I enjoyed sipping on it, then switched to water for the rest of the evening. It definitely wasn't enough to affect my judgement! I stayed strong food-wise throughout the evening. One Mexican caterer had a chicken dish with sauteed veggies that was compliant, so I had that as well as some olives and almonds. Not half bad! 

Boy did the pizza look good, though...

Back on track today. I know, I know that I should be starting from Day 1, but I just can't bring myself to do that. It happened on my second Whole30 attempt, and I never came back after it! So, I'm sticking with Day 13, and will focus on finishing strong. I'm even considering doing the September Whole30 with the W30 community, so we'll see! 

Day 12 Workout: Super solid 4 mile run. (No yoga - will make it up over the weekend)

Day 12 Win: Even though I caved into weakness and had some wine, I avoided a lot of really amazing-looking food last night, and didn't feel incredibly deprived. I considered what it would have been like without W30... and I have a feeling I would have eaten ALL of the things, even what I didn't care for. Here's to changing habits!


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2 weeks down. Day 14! 

Time to check in with my goals:

Nutrition: Obviously follow the W30, cook at least 5 dinners at home/week, drink at least 3000mL of water/day - CHECK!
Sleep: No screens 1 hour before bed and NO snoozing in the mornings - CHECK!
Training: Follow my Nike+ 10k program, paddle at least once/week - CHECK!
Stress Management: Do 30 minutes of yoga every day - Skipped one day, but made it up. CHECK!
Socialization: Get together with friends at least once/week - CHECK!
Natural Environment: Spend 30 minutes outdoors daily - CHECK!
Personal Growth: READ and study French daily - Gave up on the French, because I just wasn't enjoying it. But I have been a reading machine! 
Fun & Play: Less screen time overall - CHECK!
Temperance: Stay focused throughout the day, and use NO social media, unless W30 related. - CHECK!

Yesterday was a great, yet strange, Saturday. I started the day with a long run and a big breakfast, then spent the afternoon reading on the deck while the boys worked in the garden. We went into town in the evening for dinner (I had a salad with shrimp, and plenty of club soda) then to a friend's house for a doggie birthday party. It ended up being an awkward evening, which would normally lead me to reach for the wine, but I held strong. 

I'm officially past the point where I fell off the wagon on my second Whole30 attempt, so I'm happy to keep trucking along! These are my Non-Scale Victories so far:

  • better sleep (finally!) and no night sweats
  • clearer skin, kind of - no new breakouts on my face or chest, but my back has suddenly started acting up
  • flatter stomach
  • smooth heels 
  • fewer side stitches on runs

Excited to see what else improves over the next 16 days! 

Day 13 Workout: 6 mile run, yoga

Day 13 Win: No snacking, and no craving for off-plan food or drink in a social situation! 

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Woohoo! Other than my one wine slip-up, I am so thrilled with my choices over the past 15 days, and my body is really feeling (and showing!) it. The nutrition aspect is practically second nature, and the structure of the challenge is giving structure to other areas of my life - including exercise and work. My hope is to be looking and feeling my best by mid-October, and I am well on my way! 

Day 14 Workout: Rest Day: yoga, short hike

Day 14 Win: Had to make 4 quiches for an open house, so I spent the evening surrounded by buttery pie crust, cheese, heavy cream... Boy, do they look delicious. I also made myself a dairy-free frittata with a sweet potato crust, and didn't feel too tempted to dive into the less healthy option! 


FullSizeRender (2).jpg

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Day 16!

I just realized that I forgot to mention the biggest benefit I've had yet... No more knee pain on my runs! The pain was enough to keep me from running very often at the beginning of my Whole30, and acted up anytime I attempted to walk down stairs, but now it's a thing of the past. 

No new breakouts today, so I'm really hoping my skin will start to even out now. As my halfway point "treat" yesterday, I gifted myself some new clothes, and am enjoying feeling a little bit more confident in my own skin. I also took halfway point progress photos yesterday, which are posted below. The changes are subtle, but they are there! I'm especially excited to see my arms getting to be more and more toned. Yoga + paddling has been a great addition to my exercise routine, and eating well has definitely helped achieve results faster!

Yesterday was kind of an off day for me - lacking in energy. It was an especially long day at work with an early morning and a late night, so that could be the culprit, but I'm also wondering if I'm not eating enough. I'll "beef" my meals up today to see how that goes! 

Day 15 Workout: 4 mile run (sluggish, probably because I had to run in the evening and threw my body off), yoga

Day 15 Win: Made a DELICIOUS dinner from the Whole30 book - walnut crusted pork tenderloin! The boyfriend loved it!


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Day 17!

Another new breakout on my chin this morning. Make it stop!! 

I pre-ordered Melissa's new book yesterday, and am looking forward to achieving "food freedom" after this Whole30. I've decided that I'm going to do the "slow roll" reintroduction process, and mostly follow along with the site wide September Whole30. I'm also, starting today, finally giving up on tracking everything that I eat! It's an odd addiction that I've had, and after reading a portion about it in the Whole30 book, I've realized that it's unnatural and unnecessary. So no more! 

Day 16 Workout: 4 mile run

Day 16 Win: Yesterday was a little rough at work, but I made it through, and ended the day paddling at some high alpine lakes with friends. SO much better than meeting up for drinks!

IMG_2549 (1).JPG

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Day 18! 

I finally booked our little fall getaway yesterday. So happy to have a trip to look forward to, but I need to make sure I'm solid with my healthy habits so I don't go nuts while we're gone. It also wouldn't hurt to look my best! We have a couple of weddings coming up as well, so that's an extra incentive to really hold strong with my food choices.

Yesterday was another great Whole30 day! My run was comfortable, I had the right amount of food with me at work, ate only when I was hungry, made a tasty supper for the boys (lemon chicken thighs with roasted veggies), and even went for a little walk before bed. I don't want summer to end! 

Day 17 Workout: 5 mile run, yoga

Day 17 Win: The boyfriend commented that I'm looking thinner, and that my skin is brighter. Hopefully he's not just saying that, and the magic is happening! 


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Seriously, Day 19 Already! 

I have to admit that I started getting back into some bad habits yesterday. I made chia pudding (with unsweetened almond milk and some fresh peaches), meant to only eat half of it, and ended up eating the entire jar. It seemed to awaken the Sugar Dragon - I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening grazing and snacking. Granted, the snacking involved carrot sticks and sweet potato hummus, which isn't as bad as potato chips, but still a habit that I'd like to get rid of. So, I learned a lesson. No more chia pudding! 

Day 18 Workout: 1 hour mountain bike ride. I need to get back on track with my yoga!

Day 18 Win: Our neighbor had a party last night, and it was filled with people that I didn't know, which always makes me uncomfortable. Luckily I had my cucumber mint fizz mocktail so I wasn't the only person without something in my hand, and I am so glad I didn't start sucking down wine!

IMG_2566 (1).JPG

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Only 10 more days to go! Day 20! 

I'm writing this from my deck, enjoying the sunshine and listening to the river. I never want summer to end! 

My snacking habit was much more in control yesterday. I had my typical frittata for breakfast, and fresh figs from the farmers market for lunch with some prosciutto. Seriously amazing. We went out to dinner, and I was able to have the 1/2 rotisserie chicken with double of the grilled asparagus instead of mashed potatoes. Delicious! I did wish I could have had a glass of good red wine, though. 

The great news is that I can really notice changes in my body composition now, and I'm feeling so much more confident. The bad news is that my face, chest, and back are all still breaking out. What gives??

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to a relaxing Saturday at home! 

Day 19 Workout: Rest Day, yoga

Day 19 Win: Wore a new top last night and felt like a million bucks!

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THREE WEEKS Down! Day 22!

I wasn't able to post yesterday (Sunday), so here is my goal check-in:

Nutrition: Obviously follow the W30, cook at least 5 dinners at home/week, drink at least 3000mL of water/day - CHECK! 
Sleep: No screens 1 hour before bed and NO snoozing in the mornings - CHECK!
Training: Follow my Nike+ 10k program, paddle at least once/week - CHECK!
Stress Management: Do 30 minutes of yoga every day - Fell a little behind with this, will do better this week.
Socialization: Get together with friends at least once/week - CHECK!
Natural Environment: Spend 30 minutes outdoors daily - CHECK!
Personal Growth: READ daily - CHECK!
Fun & Play: Less screen time overall - Check! 
Temperance: Stay focused throughout the day, and use NO social media, unless W30 related. - Could do better.

It was another really great weekend. Saturday the boyfriend and I went for a run together, then made a big brunch of homemade blackberry sage sausages, local peaches, homegrown zucchini, and a blackberry gin fizz. SO good! We enjoyed a lazy afternoon before going to a theatre fundraiser, which I wore another new top to, and felt great. They were serving lemon zucchini cookies at the event, and apparently they were delicious, so the boyfriend brought one home to freeze until after my W30, ha!

I spent the majority of the day yesterday in the car, doing some much needed shopping in the nearest "real" town. When I got home, we grilled these really tasty beef skewers (that I picked up from an awesome butcher) with sweet potatoes and a salad, and the boyfriend had a glass of red wine. Man, I wished I could have enjoyed a glass of wine with that meal as well. 

Riding my own bike is just over a week away, and I'm starting to get a little nervous about it! 

Day 20 Workout: 5.5 mile run

Day 20 Win: Feel like I really turned a corner and am starting to feel the MAGIC! 

Day 21 Workout: 7 mile run

Day 22 Win: After dinner, the boyfriend made himself some popcorn while we watched a movie. I was incredibly tempted to have a snack, but luckily we didn't have any fruit on hand, so I just busted the craving with a cup of tea! 


FullSizeRender (3).jpg

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Day 23! 

This time of the year is not my favorite weather-wise. Nothing but rain in the forecast, fall chill in the air, and yesterday we got the first dusting of snow on the higher peaks. I am SO not ready to say goodbye to summer! But it's causing me to consider how I'm going to keep up my exercise momentum once it's tough to motivate to get outside. I don't have a great exercise space in the new house, so I'm thinking that joining a gym may be my best bet.

On another exercise note, Nike+ updated their app and I don't have my beloved training program anymore! My new program has me running about half as much as before - not cool! I'll stick with it for a week and use the extra time to catch up on my yoga, but I have a feeling I'll be searching for a new program soon.

Food-wise, all's well. I made lemon basil pork chops with applesauce last night, and they were delicious. I love being able to source high quality, local meat! I also made Living Loving Paleo's buffalo chicken breakfast casserole to have as my post-workout meal throughout the week. SO GOOD!

Day 22 Workout: 4 mile run, short yoga

Day 22 Win: Getting better at recognizing when I'm actually hungry or just in the mood to snack.

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This time next week, I'll be riding my own bike! Day 24! 

No new breakouts for the past 2 days. Fingers crossed that it stays that way! 

My habit of wanting to snack after dinner is still going strong. Last night was gross, chilly and rainy, so we just reheated some leftovers (I had a sweet potato with leftover chicken, with buffalo sauce and cilantro - YUM!) and had a lazy evening on the couch. Since we finished eating so early, there was just a little too much time to dwell on the "wish we could have dessert" scenario. I had a cup of tea and even snacked on 1/2 a tablespoon of almond butter, which I did NOT need, but at least I kept it under control (rather than just opening the jar with a spoon!).

I'm still bummed about my Nike+ training, and really hope it kicks up a bit. Anyone use other running apps with built-in training programs?

Day 23 Workout: 2.3 mile run, yoga

Day 23 Win: Wore a new pair of pants that I bought in a size smaller than usual - but they were too big! Oops! 

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Day 25! 

Another day with no new breakouts! :D

Feeling fabulous. Healthy eating is becoming a habit, and I am SO hopeful that I will keep it up beyond the 30 days this go-round. Last night's dinner was bacon wrapped chicken thighs, roasted zucchini from the garden (probably the last of it, bummer) and some cherry tomatoes from the garden. I worried a little bit about serving this to the kiddo, but he was amazing! He especially loved the zucchini! I roasted it in the pan with the chicken, so it was in the bacon grease and juices, so I'm sure that helped. But what a difference the last month has made for him! 

Day 24 Workout: 2 mile run, 1.5 hour mountain bike ride, yoga

Day 24 Win: Was feeling lazy after work, but the sun was out and I knew I had to take advantage of what summer evenings we have left. I am so happy I got out there and went for a ride! 

FullSizeRender (4).jpg


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Happy Friday! Day 26! 

I'm not incredibly pleased with how yesterday went. 

The day started off fine. I worked from home, so it was nice to not have to be in such a rush in the morning. I did some yoga, went for a run, had my post-workout snack (buffalo chicken egg bake) and "real" breakfast when I was hungry an hour later (two poached eggs, lots of sauteed squash, 1 peach). Because I was at home, the "snack dragon" really kicked in, telling me to graze, but I held off on having lunch until I truly felt hungry again. Once I was certain I was hungry (rather than craving), I had a bacon wrapped chicken thigh with some spinach. Not a bad start to the day, but it went downhill from there....

I got bored. I found excuses to tell myself I needed to eat more. As I started prepping mango salsa for dinner, I munched on WAY too much mango, and even some uncured pepperoni got thrown in (actually a delicious combo, but unnecessary when you are NOT HUNGRY). I baked off some sweet potatoes as meal prep for the next few days, and half of one potato didn't fit in the tupperware, so obviously I needed to eat that, too. The kid and I both got haircuts in the evening, but the lady was running late, which meant dinner was going to be late... So as I was waiting for her, I had three dates with almond butter. Again, I was NOT HUNGRY and gave into the snack/sugar dragon. When it came time for dinner, I really could have skipped it, but ate a full meal anyway. It was shrimp with mango salsa over butter lettuce and some roasted squash and onions. By that point, I was beyond full, but still had the snack attack. Thankfully, I blew it off and just went to read in bed until it was time to go to sleep.

Surprise, surprise, I didn't sleep very well last night! That's what happens when you go to bed uncomfortably full. 

A major reason for doing the W30 is to stop those bad eating habits and change my relationship with food, so I have to really stay focused for this final stretch to make sure a day like yesterday doesn't happy again. Today, I will LISTEN TO MY BODY. I will eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full, focus on making well-rounded meals that will satisfy me until the next one, and NO SNACKING.

Day 25 Workout: 4 mile run, yoga

Day 25 Win: My running tights are starting to be too big in the waist! 

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