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Convert NomNom Chicken and Gravy recipe to Pressure Cooker?


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Subject kind of says it all. :)


I'm hoping to convert this to a PC recipe.  From frozen would be even more helpful.  lol.




I have tons of chicken in the freezer, no room for any other food, and way too little time this coming week.

I'm afraid to leave the crock-pot alone all day in my old house with its old wiring.  :ph34r:

And I love my pressure cooker(s).


Tom D, especially... is this advisable?


(I can hear you saying "Well, try it, and let us know."  lol)


What do you all think?  Time?  Tips?



Thanks in advance!



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Looking through Michelle's recipe, I think you can follow it exactly, but instead of using the slow cooker, cook the chicken under high pressure for 18 to 25 minutes. Every whole chicken I've ever pressure cooked was submerged in water and spices to produce a pot of broth along with the chicken, so I have not tried this myself, but I think it will work fine. 

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