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belly pain on day 23

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Hi guys!


I'm on day 23 of my first Whole 30. Overall it's gone great... first couple of weeks were full of cravings, but now I finally have the whole 3-meals-a-day thing down. After my last two meals I've noticed constant crampy abdominal pain which is entirely new to me. I never had abdominal pain or digestive issues (that I was aware of at least) pre whole 30. 

I also have worked a night shift for the past 2 weeks, 5 nights of 13h shifts, so I know my body is definitely under some stress.


Here is an overview of my last 24h: 


M1: (about 4pm yesterday)

Meatballs (home made, compliant) with baked white potatoes, greens salad (raw) with olive oil, ½ banana, black coffee


M2: (about midnight)

Left over meatballs with potato, roasted broccoli/cauliflower with coconut oil 


Snack: about 4am: a larabar


M3: veggie omelet (4 eggs, peppers, onion, tomatoes). 


I usually cook at 4pm and have those leftovers during my night shift. The amount of potatoes in the last 24h is definitely more than usual.. I have never noticed symptoms with them before! I also read somewhere that having fruit immediately after a meal can slow down digestion?



I'm open to all suggestions! Thanks!


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Hmm. The bit about fruit slowing digestion is false, although you can find lots of strong opinions about things like this. 


Raw salad greens are a little more stressful than cooked veggies, but you are reporting trouble after meals 2 and 3, not 1, so that is not a strong candidate for explaining things. Larabars are junk food and the nuts in them can be a little hard on digestion, but again, that does not seem likely to be a good explanation of what you are reporting. 


Maybe this is just some weird thing that your meals can't explain.

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