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Bad reaction to tomatoes?


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This past week I bought a huge bag of grape tomatoes at a farm stand.  I've been eating them often with meals and have had an on and off again stomach ache.


Today I ate a huge pile of them with my eggs for breakfast and have the worst stomach ache, nausea, and chills ever.


What is the best way to handle dealing with the side effects?  I'm aware it could be a coincidence as both my kids came down with fevers.  I made a smoothie because it sounds like the only appetizing thing.


Is it okay to semi fast while on whole30 when recovering?

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Following the meal planning template as written will produce the best Whole30 results. If the best you can do is drink a smoothie or skip a meal or two, you remain technically compliant with the Whole30, but your results will be less than ideal. 


Getting sick in general during a Whole30 erodes the quality of your results because the experience of being sick makes distinguishing the symptoms of illness from changes in your diet unclear and changes your energy levels regardless of what you eat. Getting sick does not mean you are not doing a Whole30, it just means that you are not getting the best experience possible.  

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