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jump4life's Whole30 Log #1.5


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So i called this my Whole30 Log #1.5 because this is my second attempt at my first Whole30.  


In my first attempt I made a mistake but still called it a success (http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/21200-why-i-view-my-whole14-as-a-success/)


I did not do an individual Whole30 log for that  first attempt-  I was posting mostly to a group string for my start date.   I decided to do a daily log this time so I can have a record to go back to , for me or for anyone else to see if I need help again. 


In my personal journal (handwritten, not online) I had started to comment each day on 1 inspirational thought I had read (usually from the Whole30 Daily), 1 new behavior and behaviors I am monitoring,  1 way to keep learning (typically a link I didn't have a whole lot of time to explore at the time), and my meal log.    It was pretty sporadic but i liked the format so I am going to continue it here.   


Day 0 (recap from yesterday)


Inspiration: "Be proud of yourself" "Be proud of the fact that you are taking steps to make yourself healthier."  Whole30 Daily.  


Behavior: Goal setting.   I actually used the Whole30 worksheet this time!   My 3 SMART goals:


  • Sleep:   I will turn off all electronic devices by 9:00pm.  I will turn off the lights by 10:00pm. 
  • Injury Rehab:  I will make and keep 2 PT appts each week. I will ice my ankle for 15 min after each workout.   I will do my stretching/PT exercises every night between 9-10 pm. 
  • Exercise:  I will exercise with Jill (my trainer) 2X with ankle protective modifications. I will do lighter cardio with Lori 2X week, and a relaxing bike ride with Brian 1X per week. 

Keep learning:  Explore the "Whole30 approved" list.  Find out what "choffy" is.  http://choffy.com/about-choffy-2/


I know I dont have to log my meals for Day 0, but I was compliant so I will anyway 


M1:  sweet potato, snap peas in coconut oil , ground turkey, coconut milk and mustard sauce, black coffee


M2: same as M1 except no coffee, plus an apple


M3:  cauliflower hummus (http://livinggrainlessly.com/2013/05/27/cauliflower-hummus/) and carrots, "the best chicken you will ever eat" (Well Fed), frozen grapes 

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Day 1

Inspiration:   “The Whole30 is not a diet. …It is life-changing…. It is a test of the level of respect you have for this one body you were given.” Tara O.  from Whole30 Daily


Behavior:  Basic weekly meal planning-  plan for 1 hot plate for M1 all week,  1 big salad and protein for M2,  2 or three recipes for M3

PreWO (8:00) black coffee, 2 eggs, avocado


WO (8:30) my workout was supposed to be a HIIT session on the elliptical but turned into a lovely long walk with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while-- and the connection was much more valuable than the elliptical session would have been


PostWO (10:00) cauliflower hummus and radishes,  several bites of “the best chicken you will ever eat” as I cooked


M1- (10:30)  PadThai (Well Fed), apple


 M2-  (2:30) ginger zucchini soup (Well Fed2),  raw beet salad (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/apple-and-raw-beet-slaw-recipe2.html),  cottage pie (Well Fed)


M3- (7:30) cauliflower hummus and radishes, frozen grapes,  Plantain Nachos (Well Fed2)-  I will need to be careful that the plantain chips do not become a “food without breaks” !!


Keep learning:  Melissa Joulwan’s Whole30 resource roundup  http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2014/07/29/whole30-resources-roundup/

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Day 2

Inspiration:   Self efficacy is just a fancy way of saying “ I know I can rock this!”  from Whole30 Daily   


(7:30 am) I am really tired this morning -  I think mostly from my teenager coming in right on time for his midnight curfew-  but not so quietly.   I did turn off most electronics right at 9:00pm, but my husband wanted to watch a TV program and I sat down with him, almost reflexively, so we were not in bed until almost 10:30.  I don’t think I have as much “self-efficacy” at night when I am already tired-    I am going to ask both of them to help me stick to my night time schedule.    I also think it will be easier to stick to it on “work/school  nights”.    If I were counting from my original start date this would be day 17 …  and maybe Tiger Blood would be right around the corner.   I guess I am hoping it will still be that way.


Behavior focus:  Weekly cook up-  setting  myself up to have easy, pre-prepped M1, M2 options for the week and at least two M3 options banked in the refrigerator


M1- (8:20) black coffee, sweet potatoes, ground turkey, super greens (red & green swiss chard, tat soi, arugula,spinach) , coconut milk and mustard sauce (and all components are prepped and ready to repeat variations on this theme for the week- yeah!!)  One spoon of macadamia nut butter


WO-  (11:30) bike 9 miles/11.5 mph


 M2-  (1:15) Plantain Nachos, raw beet salad, strawberries


M3- (7:30)  cauliflower hummus, crudite, zucchini soup, "best chicken"  too many grapes.  Very hungry and crabby leading into this meal. Either too much time between M1 and M2  or should have had a PWO meal today after all. 



Keep learning/return to this:  http://whole9life.com/category/5-movements-2/ find out more about the airdyne 

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Day 3

Inspiration:   We think of each individual’s health status like a “bank account”, to and from which you make deposits and withdrawals……. Sometimes, prioritizing sleep requires some radical revisions to one’s life. Pay now, or pay later.   Dallas and Melissa, Whole Nine Health Equation


(6:45)  So tired and moving so slow.  Only 6.5 hours of sleep last night to start off the week-  such a withdrawal from my health bank account, especially after a late night on Saturday too.     I am frustrated with both my husband and my son as both seemed almost deliberately to sabotage my plan…. I know that is not true but neither one was trying to help either.   Really I am frustrated with my self -  I should treat myself better than this.   Radical revisions must occur.   Big celebration at work today with food throughout ….  Would have much rather been better rested to face this challenging day.


Behavior focus:  Sleep!   Start prepping for sleep immediately after dinner.  No exercise.  Sleep!  Whatever it takes through this day to focus on better sleep tonight.


M1- (7:45 ) black coffee, sweet potatoes, ground turkey, super greens, coconut milk and mustard sauce , macadamia nuts. Managed to abstain from pot lock breakfast


 M2-  (12:30) Pad Thai, cauliflower hummus, crudite.  I managed to abstain from pot luck lunch.  I also remembered that I should have started the slow cooker pork loin that I marinated last night. .   A call to the teenager who dumped it in and turned it on and said “hey, I can cook!”


Snack before happy hour (!)   (4:30) cauliflower hummus, crudite, was meant to have chicken but forgot to pack it.   More raw veg at the happy hour.   Pretty easy time avoiding the cheese and crackers but when the little sliders and chicken wings and meatballs arrived I knew that  I was sunk if I stayed…   so I clinked glasses (mine with sparkling water and lime) with everyone and left early (yes I was the first to leave)


M3 - (6:40) Lemon Herb Pork Loin (Paleo Slow Cooking by Chrissy Gower),  simple lemon spinach (Well Fed 2) 

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Day 4

Inspiration:  “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” ― Jim Ryun


Behavior focus:  Self-care.   Make all the appointments you said you were going to make !


5:45 am-  Almost 8 hours of sleep!   Actually kept my goal of all electronics out by 9:00 and lights out by 10.  Woke up very thirsty and after a glass of water let myself dose off for another 30 or so minutes.  Much better start to this day.


6:30 Two cups of bullet proof coffee


M1- (7:30) sweet potatoes, ground turkey, super greens, coconut milk and mustard sauce

  M2-  (12:30) arugula, chicken breast, tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil/balsamic/mustard dressing,  mandarin, crudite and cauliflower hummus zucchini soup 

WO -  (4:00) circuit training with Jill

PWO – (5:30) 2 egg whites, sweet potato with cinnamon - really not hungry for this …. Forced a bit

M3- (7:00 ) Now I am hungry!!  Salmon, lots of asparagus, zucchini soup



Keep learning/return to this:  thirst/sleep connection, habit

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Day 5

Inspiration:   Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi


Behavior focus:  Self care. Again.  Just do it already.


(6:30)   Good sleep practice last night!   In bed by 9:15 -  with a book not a kindle or computer.   Asleep by 9:45.  Awakened around 2:00 by a fierce storm but able to fall back asleep until 6:20


(7:00)  Just read the whole Bullet proof coffee string so made it 6 ounces coffee– 1tsp CO, 2 tsp ghee…  too buttery.  Also realizing that I  should be doing this after the breakfast! Love the idea of macadamia oil instead of CO


M1- (7:30) Is it power of suggestion or I am not really hungry for this meal?  sweet potatoes, ground turkey, super greens, coconut milk and mustard sauce

 M2-  (12:00) arugula, salmon, cucumbers olive oil/balsamic/mustard dressing,  mandarin

M3- (7:30) TOO HUNGRY!!   Pork loin, Asian slaw, super greens,  plantain chips



Keep learning/return to this :  bullet proof coffee, IF, http://www.habitsforwellbeing.com

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Day 6

Inspiration:   Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.    Thomas Dekker


Behavior focus:  Self care. Again.  Make the calls.  Today.  


(6:20)   Good practice fell asleep by 10:00.    But so thirsty again!   Tossing and turning around 5:30 and not good sleep after I got up to take a drink.     Is this the magnesium?   


M1- (7:15) sweet potatoes, ground turkey, super greens, coconut milk and mustard sauce , cantaloupe

(7:40)   Bullet proof coffee with 1 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp ghee.   It is still too weird ghee buttery.   Back to coconut milk only and will try bullet proof again when I can use Kerry Gold.    


 M2 (12:00)-  cauliflower/red pepper hummus, carrots, celery,  salmon with olive oil and mustard, cantaloupe

6:30 -  caught late at work and hungry – more  cauliflower/red pepper hummus and crudite


M3 (8:15)  chicken/zucchini poppers (fried in coconut oil) 2 dried plums 


Keep learning/return to this :  does magnesium cause thirst?  Read Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival



Updated Note on Day 8:   The book Lights Out:  Sleep, Sugar and Survival is the first recommendation from Whole30 that I really didn't like....  the style of the author is very confrontational, and frankly the writing itself is just not very good.   There might be really good information in here, but I just couldn't get into it to keep reading.   

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Thanks praxisproject-    I will give that version a try!


Day 7

Inspiration:  “ Honestly, I think that’s why the Whole30 is so challenging. It looks like it’s about food, and we talk about the food, and you can make it just about food, but it’s really about you. Me. Us. And life.”  Melissa Joulwan from “Cheating at Solitaire”


Behavior focus:   Get the appointments made.   You are cheating yourself if you don’t.  Come out of this Whole30 with all systems checked and primed.  


PreWO (6:15)  coffee with coconut milk, hard boiled egg (but the yolk was so not appealling this early AM so discarded half.  Is the fat from the coconut milk enough to count for a protein/fat prework out?)


PostWO (8:15) This was supposed to be 3 egg whites, sweet potatoes BUT I left my food bag at home so it was black coffee with coconut milk (which I had packed in a separate bag and pistachios, which I happened to have in the car.   Not really good for post work out but making do.


M1 (10:30) 3 hard boiled eggs that I grabbed at whole foods- who uses canola oil on their roasted potatoes (grr)


 M2 (1:00)- stir fry at BD Grill- chicken, tons of veggies made at the allergy station with olive oil (finally a good meal today)


M3 (8:00)  cauliflower/red pepper hummus, carrots, celery, grass fed beef with tomato and avocado and grapes


Keep learning/return to this : keep refining pre work out food and figure out  post work out emergency stash and a stash to keep at work 


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Day 8


Inspiration:  Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.   Voltaire


I am realizing how much difference this way of eating is making in how much I enjoy my food!   I am a bit obsessed with new recipes and am finding 2-3 “keepers” each week.    The weekly cookups do not seem like a chore, they are just fun ways to stock up on deliciousness for the week and try something new.    This weekend “new” will be some meatballs from Well Fed 2, some coleslaw from Primal Blueprint, and brussel sprouts, which I really want to like but don’t usually.    My husband and son also love the focus on meat, and my husband at least is trying new veg.  


I didn’t take the magnesium last night and not so thirsty AM.  Also didn’t have any issues sleeping, although I only slept 8 hours.   


Behavior focus:   Meal plan and grocery shop.  


M1 (8:00) coffee with coconut milk, sweet potatoes, ground turkey, super greens, coconut milk and mustard sauce

 M2 (12:00)- cauliflower red pepper hummus, crudite, chicken zucchini poppers, ½ apple

Snack before shopping trip:  hard boiled egg with mustard

M3 (7:00) Zucchini soup, creamy pesto coleslaw (YUM!!) , grilled chicken thighs, a few Italian meatballs (OK-  I think I will like them better with some sauce, spaghetti squash)  grapes


Keep learning/return to this :  find a way to organize all the recipes, especially those from library books.   

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Day 9



If you truly get in touch with a piece of carrot, you get in touch with the soil, the rain, the sunshine.  You get in touch with Mother Earth and eating in such a way, you feel in touch with true life, your roots, and that is meditation. If we chew every morsel of our food in that way we become grateful, and when you are grateful, you are happy.  Thich Nhat Hanh


I am awake pretty early for a Sunday and feeling a bit contemplative.  I think that thinking about eating this way- trying to choose good foods, where I know where they come from,  and how the animals were treated, and how the farmers treated the earth-- is a layer of unexpected benefit from Whole30.  I’ve wanted to think this way for a long time,  but my choices did not always reflect this.  This is something to make sure I don’t lose this post Whole30-  something to optimize even more.


Again no magnesium last night, and I slept fine.   Quite thirsty this AM, so I am not sure the magnesium is driving thirst.  Also it seems like my “normal” no alarm wake up is 6:30-6:45, which gives me 8-8.5 with the 10ish lights out.  I am going to try to back up the lights out to 9:30-9:45 and see what happens.

Behavior focus:   Connections. I have planned time with husband, parents, friends today.  I want to focus on being really present in those moments and let food etc float to the background.


M1 (8:00)- coffee with coconut milk, broccoli/turkey frittata, fried plantains,


WO (10:30) -   bike 55min, 11 mph

PWO (12:00) -  baby food sweet potatoes, macadamia nuts

M2 (2:00)- chicken zucchini poppers,  creamy pesto coleslaw, chicken thighs

M3 (7:00)-  burger, l/t/o/p, mustard, fried plantains, zucchini soup,  grapes


Keep learning/return to this :  connection.  

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I am committing to myself here in this log that I will make my appointments for my eye exam, and hair appt and other self care.      Just do it!  I dont want to disappoint myself when I see this tonight when I post my daily log.  


Update-  self care appt made and message for hair.              

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Day 10




Behavior focus: 


M1 (7:45)- coffee with coconut milk, sweet potatoes, broccoli and sausage frittata

M2 (12:00)-  super greens, turkey, sweet potatoes

Afternoon snack-  plantains, hard boiled egg

M3 (7:30) Pad Thai, grapes


Keep learning/return to this :  

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Day 11




Behavior focus:   Be compliant during training day.


Really tired today when I woke up.   I had a full day in training, which is a hard food environment for me (think bowls of candy on each table!)  I ate a good breakfast before I left, arrived 5 min late to avoid the breakfast food  and brought a lunch in case there was nothing compliant.  Happily I was able to eat a good salad with lots of veggies and a baked chicken with mango salsa (they actually even called the chef for me to make sure everything was OK).  But no good fat available at lunch so I got hungry by 2:30….    They had almonds, which was great but it set up my evening to be in a snacking mood, which I am not sure if it is psychological or physical (I don’t want fish and steamed broccoli so I am thinking psychological)


M1 (7:30)- coffee with coconut milk, broccoli and turkey fritatta

 M2 (12:00)-  salad greens, veggies, chicken mango salsa

2:30-  almonds

M3 (5:30)-  Pad Thai

7:30-  mangoes, macadamia nuts


Keep learning/return to this :  

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Thanks leah-   i bought some macadamia nuts to have ready portable fat for the next time I have a training day-  a bit pricey but I like them so much better than the almonds they often have.   


Day 12 (yesterday) 


M1 (7:30)- coffee with coconut milk, broccoli and turkey frittata, mangoes

 M2 (12:00)-  pad thai, apple, green beans

M3 (7:00)-  Italian meatballs (Well Fed2) spaghetti squash, romesco sauce (not a keeper) 

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Day 13


Inspiration:  the dirty 30 group!!


Behavior focus:   Smile more, laugh, play


M1 (7:30)- coffee with coconut milk, super greens,  sweet potatoes, turkey, mustard sauce

 M2 (12:00)-  boring (but compliant) salad bar mix, chicken, olive oil and vinegar (it takes forgetting my lunch to remind me how good the food on Whole30 is compared to what I was eating before!!)

WO- (4:30)  Really challenging but a great mix of woman in this session.  Forgot a PWO snack but seemed oK

M3 (6:30)-  well fed plantain nachos!!    Mandarin


Keep learning/return to this :  the dirty 30 group!! 

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Day 14 (yesterday)


Behavior focus:   Connect with 17 year old son-   car rides are perfect

M1 (7:30)- coffee with coconut milk, super greens,  sweet potatoes, taco meat  

 M2 (1:00)-  taco meat and plantains, mandarin

Got my box from barefoot provisions…  snacky afternoon with the Kale chips-  these are definitely something to wait for after Whole 30 b/c they are food with no brakes for me

M3 (6:00)-  flat iron steak, sweet potatoes, green beans with ghee 

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Day 15


Inspiration:  Small, smart choices + Consistency+ Time= RADICAL DIFFERENCE  from The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy


Behavior focus:   think of the investment each choice can be in a positive direction


M1 (7:30)- coffee with coconut milk, super greens,  sweet potatoes, salmon,

WO-  65 min walk

 M2 (1:00)-  3 eggs, spaghetti squash, super greens

M3 (6:00)-  cauliflower hummus, carrots, snap peas, celery Aidells chicken and apple sausage

Keep learning/return to thishttp://www.handsfreemama.com/2014/08/26/how-to-change-someones-story/

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Day 16 (yesterday)


M1 (7:30)- coffee with coconut milk, super greens,  sweet potatoes, turkey, mustard dressing

WO- (1:00)  bike ride!  Late out because of the rain and I did not eat a meal first and I was dragging a bit.   But it was still a good ride-  10 miles at about 11.6mph


M2 (2:15)-  3 eggs whites with coconut aminos, baby food squash

Many nibble on the pork carnitas as I prepared for the pot luck!!

M3 (7:00)-  pot luck-  so much compliant food, even though I am the only Whole30 in the bunch! Grass feed beef taco meat , tomatoes, peppers, citrus carnitas, citrus and fennel salad, fruit salad.   Very content and didn’t even want the cookie bars. 

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Day 17

M1 (7:30)- coffee with coconut milk, super greens,  sweet potatoes, turkey, mustard dressing

WO- (10:00)  treadmill walk with Lori-  figured out I don’t really want to do the elliptical -  so I just walked more while she did her arm exercises.   I like this new plan!!

M2 (1:00)-  citrus/fennel salad, citrus carnitas, tomatoes (I love leftovers!)

M3 (planned)-  chicken and zuchinni poppers, asparagus, cauliflower hummus carrots etc. , frozen grapes   

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