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Today is prep day:   Veggies getting their chop on.   Apples, pluots, pears from my local Sprouts, oh and some Coconut aminos?   They'll be getting some use on my turkey.  Chicken breast (seasoned with organic cumin, oregano and chile powder, sea salt and lemon juice).   Ground turkey will be turned into taco-ish seasoned meat for salads, as well as "turkey muffins" (omitting the oats from a clean recipe I love).   Pastured eggs?  check.   ALL dairy removed from my house.......... (weeping)......... but, Check.   Beans out?   Check.   Stevia in the raw packets and almond milk in my coffee............. I know I will miss you, but just maybe I will be able to kick that makes-my-breath-smell-like-butt habit??   We shall see.    In the past month I have gained 10 pounds for no good reason, and all the kidney labs are normal which means maybe my diet is causing the sudden pitting edema in my legs, suddenly feeling like I don't have the energy for life unless I've downed a couple cups of joe, and my complete inability to focus over the past couple weeks.


I've been doing my reading and watched quite a few motivating youtube flick-ettes.   I've got my daughter in on it, too, as she has some health issues of her own, and gluten intolerance, and looks like she's well on her way to diabetes II.   


Life has been full of changes the past three years - many losses, but even more gains.   I'm pretty excited about what likes ahead these next 30 days.   


Thank you to all of you who have posted here and also on sites elsewhere........... you are an inspiration.


Talk again tomorrow........    ^_^

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Day 1 DONE!   


Congrats on your preparation!  Also, with sudden weight gain and pitting edema, may I nudge you in the direction of speaking with your doctor very soon?  Please do this, and good luck and good health to you!

No worries Amy ............. did that last week.   All the numbers were good, so he agreed that we need to give my diet a reboot.   I'm not sure WHY he felt that Food Trucks once a week might be a problem???  hmph.   doctors.


Anyhoo................ pretty stoked right now.   I kept my meals pretty basic, yet similar to things I usually have in my repertoire.   Though, I will definitely have to find alternatives to eggs because I just don't think I can eat eggs every day.   I did have my fruit out of order, but it kept me clear of the Giant-Jar-O-M&M's in the office.   Funny story: There is a jar of M&Ms and a jar of Almonds.   If given the choice, it's always those peanut M&Ms, and BOY was a I wanting some today.   I work for doctors............ one doc literally slaps M&M's and chips out of my hand if he catches me......... "You only have ONE kidney!"   LOL.   Gotta love that guy.  The other doc showed up at my desk today, "Did you guys start the diet today?" (hands behind her back).   "YEP!"........... she then brandishes a spring roll complete with dipping sauce.   REALLY?   No match for me.   I sent her packing.   Oh yeah........ did I mention?   I have a partner in crime.   In all honesty, she's the ring leader.   She is the backbone of this operation:   A nurse who was diagnosed with everything BUT celiac in this past year.  We were very cheerleader-y today, and it was awesome.    


I was hungry.   I wanted M&M's.   I wanted chips.   I even wanted to have that "Pure" bar in my drawer...........but alas it is made with quinoa and amaranth.   See you in 30 days.......or will I?    And, I was QUITE irritated this morning when I realized I forgot to have that one last Bro. Thelonious last night.   Grrr.   I suppose that will be my reward.


I have high hopes for these 30 days...........I'd like to see if this chronic stuffiness will go away.   I'd like these sneaky 2 inches that showed up around my waist to go away, along with this edema around my legs.   I'd LOVE to see the smile on my doc's face when he says......... "See....... loaded french fries are BAAAAAD for transplants!"   tee hee.   It will be well worth the rebuking.


Today's Meals:

Instead of coffee........... Hot water with lemon wedge.

1:    Eggs, Sweet Potato, Yam, Red Bell Pepper, Shitake Mushrooms, Zucchini, Avocado.

         "Cheat" fruit:   Small apple

2.    Turkey "muffins",  Sweet Potato, Yam, Red Bell Pepper, Shitake Mushrooms, Zucchini, Avocado.

         "Cheat" fruit:   1 Pluot

3.    Mixed Greens, Turkey, Tomatoes, Green Onions, Cholula, Coconut Aminos


The food was DEElish.   I never did get the headache I expected from not having coffee.  One very cool thing - I plug my food into "MyFitnessPal".   I was very curious tonight at how this food stacks up.     WOW.   It passed with flying colors.    


Thank you Hartwigs for putting this all together for us.    :)

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Don't go hungry! If you're hungry, go and get a tin of tuna in oil and a bag of mixed lettuce and eat it. Hunger is the enemy of Whole 30.


And I know you're being a little tounge-in-cheek my saying "cheat" fruit, but you need to change your thinking - a lot of Whole 30 is psychological and changing how we view food. Cheat implies guilt.


And I'm just going to say it before a moderator does - stop tracking in My Fitness Pal! It doesn't help you at all with changing your relationship to food.

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