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Hi all,


I am on day 27 of my first Whole30. For the most part I feel great -- I've stuck to the rules, no cheats, have learned TONS about myself.  My sugar cravings have totally gone away...overall, it's been a great experience for me.  But I have a dilemma when it comes to reintroduction.  I will finish my Whole30 on Wednesday, and then a couple of days later I am leaving on a 9 day cruise.  I've cruised enough in the past to know that while I will have some choices over what I eat, those choices are going to be too limited to support doing reintroduction the way it's designed.  Any suggestions as to how I can limit the damage?


I have been thinking that after I get back home I'll do a Whole7 or maybe a Whole 15 and then do the reintroduction.  Or would I need to do another Whole30?


I appreciate the advice...while my Whole30 has gone great I feel that my new-found and hard-won healthy relationship with food is a very fragile one.  I've spent the majority of my life being controlled by my cravings and eating a pretty unhealthy SAD.  I'm counting on making pretty good choices during this cruise, but I'm also worried that all the tempting food and past bad habits will totally derail me.



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I would start your reintro ASAP with the thing that you think is going to be most problematic - either in how much it's going to affect you, or in how difficult it's going to be to avoid on the cruise.


I'd probably go with gluten, since it's in everything and it may be the thing that gives you an obvious reaction.


And even though you won't be controlling all of the ingredients, you can still do your best to eat per the template (with a protein, vege and fat at every meal) and only eat 3 times a day. These are things that are in your control. And totally avoid the dessert buffet!

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I agree with GoJo in theory, but I would reintroduce dairy first, because its something more people have an issue with than they realise, and whereas your cruise will know all about gluten free food since it's recently become a hot topic, they won't know about dairy as much, your wait staff are less likely to know whether dishes contain it etc, so could be harder to avoid.

That being said, this whole30 rice is going to be my first reintroduction, because I have a girl guide camp right after, and have specified no gluten/dairy on my forms, so that will probably be the carb they give me on spag bol night lol. So if I have an issue with it, best to find out asap.

I think there was an AIP blogger recently who wrote about her very positive experiences following AIP on a cruise ship, can't remember for the life of me who it was though

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