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I want to start but feeling overwhelmed...


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My main reason for wanting to start this program is to get healthier.  I am not worried about losing weight.  I have a lot of problems with frequently getting sick - throat issues, colds, a general feeling of being unwell.  I also suffer with IBS-D problems.  I've went through tons of blood testing, sensitivity testing, etc.  Nothing of note is ever found.  But there has to be something wrong because it is not normal to feel bad as many times a year as I do.


I can't help but think it is poor nutrition on my part.  I don't eat out a lot, but I don't think I eat nearly enough healthy food on a daily basis.  Part of it is that I fear eating b/c so often my IBS acts up and I get nauseous and have those kinds of problems. It's a miserable existence on many days.


I feel lost starting this. Sometimes fresh fruits and veggies scare me b/c I fear that they will trigger my IBS.  Another thing is that I do not think that my husband and two very young children will be eating the same thing as me - and it will be hard working full time juggling two different styles of eating.


Is there some type of cookbook or meal plan that can help me plan this out for myself?  I haven't read It All Starts with Food yet (I'm getting it tonight on teh Kindle), but it's my understanding from reviews that it isn't going to help out with that part of the program.


Feeling overwhelmed...ideas?

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Hi and welcome! 


I think that what you are facing is pretty normal especially if you are "going it alone" BUT you are not alone! There are thousands of us here that support each other. 


Firstly do not go by any reviews that you have read about It Starts With Food. This book, like all others are what you make if it. It is helpful and you will learn a ton and with that knowledge you will be more motivated. I also found Well Fed 1 to be helpful, she is a smart thinker and helps with planning and teaching you how to prepare etc. Dig around the forum, and the W30 and W9 websites and breath it all in. You'll be happy that you did.


My advice: Read both of these, do the prepping that is needed, you will learn more about that in the books. Then set a date and then DO IT!  Set a realistic goal. If you can't get through the prep and reading within in a few weeks then start 3 weeks from now, or longer or shorter, you know your schedule. You do not have to start now. Start with the power of knowledge and preparation and you will make your first W30 a great success. Make sure to do a daily food log to keep you on track with how you are feeling and what you are eating. Before and after pics  and measurements are a good idea too. 


Best of luck, YOU GOT THIS!  :D

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If you're looking for detailed recipes, then no, ISWF won't provide. But in the back of the book is a really awesome section where they break down food into various types - meats, soups, etc. - and gives you a basic way of preparing those things. 


I'm not a cook by any stretch of the imagination. Pre-Whole30, I was Prego spaghetti sauce and Dominos pizza. But I've found that by keeping food simple, it's been much easier to stick with Whole30 than I'd thought. A meat and two veg is the standard meal anyway, right? So instead of frying the meat, I stick it in the slow cooker. Instead of cooking the broccoli in butter, I steam it and sprinkle a seasoned salt.


There are a LOT of parents on the forum who are juggling a Whole30 for themselves and a not-Whole30 meal for their family. Sometimes, it's as simple as not eating the dinner roll, because everything else you've made is compliant (whether the family knew it or not!)  Sometimes, it's different meals, but it doesn't have to be entirely different meals. And I've seen parents post that they'd been serving Whole30 dinners for days without anyone noticing. 


Take your time, plan ahead. Plan one thing at a time, if you need to! And definitely DEFINITELY read the book. It's worth it.

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I understand those feelings of being overwhelmed. It DOES seem like a lot to manage at first but once you get into it, you'll find ways to make it more manageable. 


Two resources that have helped me tremendously: 

  1. emeals.com - This is a subscription meal plan that, for about $5/month (way less if you can score a Groupon with google), will send you a full week's worth of dinner plans. I've found that the Paleo plan is 95% Whole30 compliant and, where it's not, the substitions are very easy. Even better, the meals are generally easy, they send you a full shopping list for everything (that you can access with an app if you have a smart phone), and the meals are VERY tasty. I've attached a sample week so you can check it out. 
  2. Practical Paleo - this book is not a typical Paleo cookbook. It has full 30-day sample meal plans for various flavors of Paleo/Whole 30, including meal plans for people with medical issues like IBS or thyroid imbalances. 

Finally, even if you can't commit to a full Whole30, maybe you could try just going Paleo for a bit, or trying to eliminate one thing at a teim to ease into it. 




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