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Potatoes feel like I'm cheating!

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I know white potatoes are allowed now. But why do they feel so wrong?? I'm on day 5 and I've had some kind of potato every day but one. Part of that reason is because of my husband, who is a meat and potatoes guy and begrudgingly participating in this program to support me, so I want to cook things he likes. I'm also pretty active chasing around a toddler and exercising 4 times a week, plus long walks with the dog 2-3 times a week.

Today I felt great. Not too hungry, energy is up.

Meal 1- sweet potato hash with 2 fried eggs and a half a cup of a compliant green smoothie (I know you're not supposed to do do smoothies, but at least this one was packed with spinach and other green goodness)

Coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2- leftover roast beef + 2 turkey meatballs, more potato hash, sautéed spinach in EVOO and a handful of cherries

Rooibos unsweetened strawberry lemonade iced tea with frozen strawberries

4pm snack- monkey salad

Meal 3- (shared with husband) Nom nom Paleo's Cracklin' chicken with roasted potatoes, carrots, and a mixed greens salad

I wore my workout clothes all day but never made it to the gym. I'll burn extra calories tomorrow to try to make up for it. Should I feel guilty about all those delicious potatoes?? And oh man, that chicken was outstanding! http://nomnompaleo.com/post/74180911762/cracklin-chicken

I guess I should mention- I'm about 5 pounds overweight. I have 10 pounds to lose to get to pre-baby weight and 15-20 to get to my goal weight. I'm hoping this program will help me jump start healthier eating habits and kick my snacking/sugar cravings.

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"Eating eggs, a banana, and some olive oil is not the same as combining those ingredients into a pancake. There are studies that show that how your brain *perceives* the food influences satiation. This is often cited with liquid food (smoothies or shakes), but experientially we see this with whole foods as well, depending on how they are combined. Pancakes bring up a totally different psychological response than frying some eggs and eating a banana. And it's that psychological response that we are trying to target with the program.

You may not have an affinity for pancakes, but we find that most people who complete our program do best without any of these comfort/trigger/reminiscent-of-the-SAD-stuff-you-used-to-eat foods. So, because we need to create one program that applies to as many people as possible, we rule these Paleo recreations out.

I don't have an affinity for pancakes either, and I could eat Paleo pancakes without having it send me into a craving spiral. But the rules are the rules, and all we ask is that people follow them for 30 days. In our vast experience, this sets everyone up for the best success possible. What you choose to do after the month is up is entirely up to you.

I hope this helps to explain our position. "


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I think it will be a trial and error thing to find out the level of carbs (starchy vege) you need to maintain energy levels and lose weight. If you're gradually dropping inches and feel good, then don't worry about it. If you're tired, add more.


But if you're only 5 pounds overweight, why do you want to lose 20?


The problem with smoothies is: 1 - liquid food digests faster so you don't stay full as long as if you had to chew and break down all the individual components. 2 - depending on what you're adding to it, it can cause a large insulin spike (and resulting crash). 3 - it's way easier to drink calories than eat them, so you can end up overeating. Plus your brain doesn't register that you've eaten so it doesn't release all of those satiety hormones.

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Ok. Understood about the smoothies. It's easy enough to eliminate, as I was only drinking a half a cup with breakfast.

I had a feeling that would not make sense about losing weight. I'm 148#, 5'4". To be a healthy BMI I should be under 145#. Pre baby I was 137, and my ideal weight from when I was running half marathons 3-4 years ago was 128. I'd like to be around 130 and able to fit into my pre-baby clothes.

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