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I think I figured out what was causing the joint and body aches...


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Before my first whole 30 I was suffering from random joint and body aches. It almost felt like having the flu sometimes. They totally went away during my first whole 30 and then came back during the reintro period. I blamed dairy. Over the next few months the aches randomly happened regardless of what I was eating (or so it seemed) and I have had them during this whole 30 as well. I blamed not eating enough protein.


Having cut out all non compliant foods again for my second whole 30 I am able to pin point exactly what I'm eating these days and I realize that the aches seem to coincide with me eating white potatoes, which weren't allowed at all on my first one. I went most of last week without any and felt great, then I had some yesterday and today and the aches are back. Since last time they were forbidden but didn't require reintro I started eating them sometimes during the reintro period when I was testing other foods.


I think I'm going to cut them out for the rest of the whole 30 and see what happens and keep them out during my dairy and gluten reintros to make sure I get a good idea. Does anyone else react to them? I don't react to peppers or tomatoes (I eat tomato in some form every single day).

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