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First Whole30 - Starting 9/10/14.


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I am planning to start my first round ever of Whole30 tomorrow, 9/10/14. I have done reading and planning and grocery shopping, and today I am enjoying my last non-compliant foods for the next month. So that means today will have lots of carbs and dairy and sweets in it (but still within my usual calorie goals).


I am not the unhealthiest eater, but I struggle a lot with compulsive overeating (and its flip-side, compulsive dieting and restriction), so my psychological relationship with food is unhealthy. Many years ago, I did a pretty successful stint on Atkins, and I "healed" myself of some chronic inflammation issues that I was experiencing (arthritis pain, reflux, skin issues) and felt AMAZING. However, I didn't necessarily go about it the "right" way, and it was hard to stick with. I would love to heal my relationship with food and reteach myself how to enjoy whole foods. I can't imagine giving up things like French fries and cookies and diet soda, but I also don't want those things to have as much control over me as they do. 


Right now, I am most nervous about giving up Crystal Lite. I usually drink several liters of double-diluted Crystal Lite (one of the single-serving packets in twice as much water as it calls for) per day, and I think that is what I will miss the most. I have some pitchers of plain water chilling in my fridge (as I like my water really cold) in preparation for tomorrow though!

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Oh gosh I hear you about the compulsive eating. It was what drove me here, myself, because I had SUCH an unhealthy relationship with food. I have 6 days to go so I can tell you: you can do it! And you really will feel so much better. At this point, for me, I have no real fears of sliding off the bandwagon.  And I was such a sugarholic...yikes! I feel like I have a much better relationship with what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. I hope the same for you! 

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Today was my day one:


Pre-WO - three slices of organic smoked turkey

Post-WO - baked chicken tenders and half a banana

Bfast - Monkey Salad

Lunch - Ground beef, sweet potato, and Brussels sprout hash and a peach

Dinner - 3 compliant chicken Italian sausages, baby carrots and snap peas with guacamole, and an apple


LOTS of water.


I think I definitely need to add more fat because, while today did not feel bad, I can see that this looks too "diet-y" and may not be sustainable in the long term. I have been trying to pin some recipes, especially Crockpot recipes, in hopes that I can start to plan better.


ETA - As I am approaching the end of my night, I am noticing that I can tell I did not have any caffeine today (my caffeine intake is usually in the form of diet soda, as I don't really like coffee or tea), as I have a bit of a headache, and I also feel kind of hungry. I am going to have to eat more lasting stuff tomorrow. I am planning to hard boil some eggs to have on hand, and I will probably have an egg or two with my Monkey Salad tomorrow morning.

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Day 2:


Bfast - 2 scrambled eggs, cooked in ghee, with four slices compliant bacon and a banana

Lunch - ground beef, sweet potato, and Brussels sprout hash, peach

Dinner - three chicken Italian sausages, snap peas, guacamole, and a date


I woke up with a headache this morning and skipped going to the gym, although I did go to yoga. I have a pot roast with carrots and potatoes in the crockpot to eat for the next few days because I will be working. I also took a nap today...I am feeling kind of exhausted.


I find I REALLY miss the sweetness of a diet soda or some Crystal Lite. I am going to pick up some kombucha tomorrow, which I love, because I think that will give me something a little more interesting than water to drink.

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Day 3 - worked a 12-hour shift today.


Pre-work - had some baked chicken to tide me over to my morning break time

Bfast - 2 eggs mixed with two slices of bacon and cooked in the microwave cooker, one banana

Lunch - pot roast, potatoes, and carrots that I made in my slow cooker last night, a pear, some raisins (less than half a handful)

Dinner - a spoon of cashew butter, a date, and some kombucha, which tasted AMAZING after all the water I have been drinking. I really miss my diet soda and Crystal Lite more than anything else! I didn't get home until 8 PM and was not hungry for a big meal, so this is what I ended up with.


My caffeine withdrawal headache is MUCH IMPROVED today, I have to admit. 

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Day four:


Pre-work - half a spoonful of cashew butter, date

Bfast - Two eggs with two slices of bacon, banana

Lunch - big plate of pot roast, potatoes, and carrots, pear, and apple sauce

Dinner - half a spoonful of coconut butter, apple


So on the days that I work and don't get home until 8 PM, I am just not hungry enough to eat a whole meal. I might have to have a bigger snack in the afternoon so that I am eating enough.

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Day five:


Pre-work - spoonful of cashew butter, date

Bfast - 2 eggs, banana

Lunch - big plate of pot roast, potatoes, and carrots, a peach, a couple of raisins and currants, along with some shredded coconut

Dinner - spoonful of cashew butter


I am off of work for a couple of days, so I am hoping to eat more "normal" meals. Again today, I was not home until 8 PM and didn't want to have a big meal before heading to bed soon.

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just a thought - you may want to add a mini meal so that you aren't eating just 1 big meal..  maybe in between M2 and what would have been your 'dinner' - Also you seem lacking in the veggie area for M1.


Myself - I had to have a mini meal inbetween M1 (breakfast) and M2 (lunch).   I then started adding a little more protein and/or a fat (like avocado) and then I didn't need the mini meal anymore.  


Just some thoughts for you.  Good luck on your journey - you will feel so much better once you get the caffeine / sugar out of your system.


Lots of support out here !!  and it is nice because it is a No Judgement Zone  :D

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