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Please Help! International work travel to Juarez, Mexico on Whole30


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I am currently on day 11 of my first whole30. I am really committed and excited but just found out that I will be spending the last week of my whole30 traveling to Juarez Mexico for work.

Unfortunately, my company does not view Juarez as a safe enough place for workers to leave the manufacturing facility (it is a "compound" surrounded by walls with guarded entries and exits) Workers eat in the cafeteria inside the facility. The cafeteria is focused on providing satiating meals for workers twice a day who may not be getting nutrition elsewhere. I am concerned that there are usually very few options for someone attempting to eat whole30, and I am concerned about asking for special consideration given that I don't want to be a primadonna when many of the people there are simply thankful for food to eat.


In the past, I have tried to bring my own food into the facility, but I was usually bringing last night's dinner or other non-whole30 fare. I will be traveling for about a day to get to El Paso, will stay in El Paso, and will need to cross the boarder each day to go to work.


I would like ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and portable snacks (sometimes my days turn into 10-12 hours) Please keep in mind that they will need to survive a full day of airplane travel to get to El Paso. Also, in my hotel room I will have a minifridge and a microwave, and at work I will have acess to a fridge and a microwave.


Other info:


Unfortunately, I hate canned tuna/fish. I know it is super convinient to bring for lunches but even the smell makes me gag.


They do not have Whole Foods in El Paso


Any advice is welcome. I know that I can get a salad from chipotle, but thats pretty much my go-to travel meal right now, so I'd like some varied options if possible. I'm concerned that eating beef jerky for a week because I'm trying to stay compliant will defeat the purpose of this whole thing!





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This thread will be helpful to you:



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If I were you I would be putting 7 large sweet potatoes in my suitcase. Either cooked or uncooked. 

They can easily be microwaved and will help out a lot. 

I would also bring coconut oil, olive oil, coconut milk, and all of your homemade condiments. 

Pack well, wrapped in plastic bags, these will easily survive the trip. 


I don't know what access you have to shopping once you get there but on arrival I would buy a big bag of greens, carrots, tomatoes, etc fruit, and a rotisserie chicken or two.  Hard boiled eggs (you could also bring those).

Maybe some sliced roast beef and turkey. Stuff you can keep in your fridge. How about some olives. 

Your meals are going to be picnic-y collections of compliant items but they will be compliant and satisfying. 


If you can't shop at all on arrival, I would pack all your food in a bag, pay for an extra checked bag, throw in a couple of ice packs and pad it with some extra towels. Will be well worth your time. Don't forget to bring containers to pack your lunch in. 


I've been to El Paso and had fantastic steak, carne asada. Fajitas would be a good option. 


Good luck, you can do it! 

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