Starting 9/24 jumping in


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I am starting mid week having been on the road for 2weeks and i have to take control over the body urges and cravings. Ran into 4 people that are on this and they all look fabulous...

But i need also to lose 30 pounds, not fast but i have to.. do people lose or not? i am confused...i would think with no dairy/booze/sugar i hope so :)

Now to find out about cheese in the  other blogs that the cookbook says to use :)


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Yes, most people lose weight.


The place to learn how to do a Whole30 is right here. Lots of sites provide misinformation that can spoil your experience. Here are links to important and correct information:


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I lost 7lbs and David lost 20 doing our 1st Whole30. Come over to our thread for some great support. We can help you with your questions as this is our 2nd Whole30 back to back. the thread is called Whole30 starting 24/9/14

We can do this


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