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Do I need more food?


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Hi there!


Today is day 13.


Lately I've been wanting to snack around 11am and 4pm. Yesterday I caved at 4:30pm and had a hardboiled egg and it did help.


About me: I've been pretty good about only eating three square meals a day, with the exception of pre-workout.


An aside: I gave up my coffee and cigarette habits pretty much simultaneously to beginning the whole30. Learning to listen to my body more, rest when I'm tired, etc.


Here's a sample day for me:


-Preworkout snack, 7am: banana (Not ideal, but I can't stomach much else that early. I run 2-4 miles in the mornings or do Pilates.)

-Post workout, 8:30am: 3 scrambled eggs and a sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon

-Walk 2 miles to work

-Lunch, 1:00pm: Lemon pepper salmon and a few cups of steamed vegetables

Walk 2 miles home

-Dinner, 7:30pm: Ground turkey with spices and tomatoes over spaghetti squash; side of shepherd salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, EVOO, lemon)


If I don't work out, everything's more or less the same with exception of not eating the banana.


Is it okay to incorporate a couple snacks throughout the day? I'm really trying to get my body to adjust to the three-meals-a-day and actually harbored guilt when I did have a snack yesterday.


Suggestions welcome.





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I would really encourage you to find something you can eat before your run that is protein and fat not fruit. By eating a banana before your run you are giving your body sugar to burn so it doesn't need to tap into your fat stores for energy. Ideally post workout you would want to eat lean protein but your runs are short so this probably isn't a huge deal.


I would say you need to up the vegetable and fat at your meals. If you can't make it 4-5 hours between meals then you need to eat more. If you are hungry and need to eat a hard boiled egg is a perfect option. Don't feel guilty about eating ever. Food has no impact on your self worth. 

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