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Hello all.  I am on day 19 of the Whole 30.  I started this program because of chronic pain, mostly in my shoulder and low back.  I also have extra weight around my middle and irregular periods, all things I am hoping to help with this program.  The problem is, I have seen no results.  I still take anti-inflammatories (advil) multiple times a day, I still move in pain, I have lost only 3 pounds (yes I weighed myself today).  I also have chronic constipation  that I was hoping to get relief from, but in fact, it has gotten worse.  I have been following the diet to a "t".  Not one slip, cheat, bite, which is hard with two small children.  We have not eaten a meal out.  I have prepared everything I have eaten.  

Any thoughts on ways to make progress?  I am not feeling motivated to keep going.  I did not go through the "hell" first days that many people describe.  I just feel the same.  No extra energy.  Nothing major in either direction.  Just spending a lot more money to feel the same way.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Could you give us a little more context by posting a few days of your food, sleep, stress, water, activity? Also what was your food like pre-W30?


I'm sorry you are feeling like there is no progress but do keep in mind this is a 30 day program for a reason. Some people don't feel better until day 29, some people don't feel better until much longer. I would definitely encourage you to put the scale away. Honestly 3 pounds in 19 days isn't an "only". Somehow people expect that everyone will lose 10+ lbs on Whole30 but it really isn't the norm nor is it particularly safe. 

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I have resisted weighing this long, but I am starting with a trainer today and wanted a pre weight.

Prior to whole 30, I was a diligent Weight Watcher.  Things had slipped a little with my back injury.  Until mid-July I was a 6 day a week exerciser (Barre, Spin...then my back went out).  I only drink water and 1 cup of coffee a day.  I average 5L of water a day (this is how much I've always drank).  I am a NICU nurse, so my stress varies depending on work day vs non-work day.  Here is a few days (all meat, etc is whole 30 compliant):

Tuesday (work day): slept 7 hours (I wear a fit-bit)

630: slice of frittata (eggs, bacon, orange peppers, broccoli, kale, onion)

1030: slice of frittata plus banana

230: large salad: mixed greens (spinach, kale), carrots, tomatoes, 1 egg, 1/4 avocado, cucumbers, chicken (maybe something else)

630: apple with sunbutter

830: slow cooker beef stew


Wednesday (no work): slept 7.5 hours with mid night waking of baby

830: slice of frittata, coffee

930: 45 minute cardio workout

1215: hotdog, salad of tomato, basil, avocado with olive oil

1700: cashews, hard boiled egg

8pm: "spagetti" with squash noodles, home made sauce


Thursday (no work): slept about 7 hours, with mid night waking of baby

830: 4 egg omelet: pesto, kale, bacon

1: salad (same as above)

4; 1/2 apple with sun butter

615: hamburger, sweet potato fries, tomato/basil/avocado salad


I feel like that sums it up.  On work days I do tend to eat more.  My appetite has decreased this week compared to the first two weeks.  

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