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Non compliant items on my whole30

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Hello everyone.

First of all, please excuse my english, as I'm from Argentina so I speak spanish mainly.

Anyway, I'm on my day 18. I've been doing all my efforts to do everyting right. 

BUT... yesterday, I ate something that contained a little bit of dairy butter (the common one) and cheese. Not mainly, it was like an added something. The dish consists of meat, onions, bell peppers covered with mashed potatoes (these mashed potatoes containing the butter and cheese). I even didn't serve myself a plate, I just ate some bites of it. 

Yeah, I know, poor self-control. Day 18, no meal planning and hungry at evening. 


I won't restart now. I would have done it if I'd just getting started, but I'm now in the middle, and I'm really doing some big effort here (mainly because I WAS a vegetarian before joining whole30 and I have decided for these 30 days to consume red meat, more fish, etc. I can't have chicken here because at least in my country is the worst quality of meat out there, it's not so easy to find organic stuff here, so that was clearly a huge disadvantage not only to follow exactly the rules of whole30 but also for my health in general). Without mentioning the feeling of eating red meat again after almost 10 years. It wasn't easy and and it's still difficult for me.


Anyway, as I was telling already, I won't getting started again on day 1, it's a decision I've already made (again, I know I'd have decided not to eat that and save me such worry). 


My question is: is there a chemical reaction or something like that in our body which makes 'something' go wrong in our whole30 process that won't be the same as if I didn't made such thing of eating a bit of something non compliant? That's why we must restart OR it's just a thing about conduct and discipline with the rules of food we only are allowed to eat? (so that we can get used to what we should eat in order to be healthier).


I hope somebody out there will get the point of what I'm trying to say in my humble english. And be able to answer me! So I won't be living these last days with guilt and knowing "I could've done it better". Of course I could. But I just want to know if I completely messed it or not so much. 

I'm overall happy with all this experience. Feeling very, very well, already lost some weight and my clothes are starting to feel and fit better again. 


Thank you so much, whoever is going to be able to answer me!  :unsure:


Greetings from Argentina.



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No worries, your English is quite good. As far as consuming dairy, yes, it can be problematic physiologically speaking and not just psychologically. In other words, dairy can cause physical symptoms for many people and it is not just a matter of following arbitrary rules just to say you did so. Unfortunately, due to the negative health effects dairy can cause, consuming it during a Whole30 warrants a restart. What you do is your choice, but you may not receive the full health benefits of the Whole30 by not restarting.

I'm sure a moderator will chime in with a better explanation.

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Andria explained it well. Dairy has surprisingly strong influence in your body. When you spend 30 days without eating any, you become sensitive to its influence when you reintroduce it. When you have even a little midway through, its influence keeps you from being as sensitive as you would otherwise be to its influence. 


I never knew I was sensitive to dairy until I removed it from my diet for a long time. I started sleeping better after two weeks of the Whole30, but it took me several years before I figured out that I was sensitive to dairy. Now, if I eat some yogurt or drink some goat milk kefir, I don't sleep well that night. I don't know why dairy interferes with my sleep, but it does. More common symptoms that people report that involves dairy is sinus congestion, bloating, and sometimes achy joints. 


You may still be able to recognize the effect dairy has on you when it is time to reintroduce different foods, but eating a little bit along the way may make it harder for you to notice changes. 

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Thank you very much Andria and Tom, for replying.

Rules are very clear... If only I'd have destinated more time to read more first about all. 

Anyway, I woke up today with sore throat. I will never know if eating that bit of cheese and butter might have affected me.

To add even more mistakes, I ate peanuts 15 minutes ago and then I stopped myself and thought if they were compliant or not and then searching in this forum, and then knowing more than ever... restart, restart, restart. 


I won't. But I've learnt a lot in these past 2 days. I will start another whole 30 soon. But phsychologically, I first need to complete -wheter I did pretty bad or good- this one. I know myself and restarting now will be devastating and I won't feel like doing everything strictly like I did (because I will feel guilty and angry at myself), perfectly for almost 17 or 18 days. Too bad for me. 

Maybe when I finish this one, I just eat something sweet for one day and then back to whole30. I just miss something sweet. But it's not so difficult for me to follow these rules in general... I was just not thinking. I'll be prepared better now. 


http://whole30.com/2014/06/really-start-whole30/ <--- This helped me a lot to understand even further.


Thank you!


Dolores.  :unsure:

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We are not perfect, we all make mistakes.  When I started the Whole 30 for the very first time wasn't even thinking and was using butter in my veggies and milk in my coffee.  It had been so ingrained I wasn't noticing it.  So my "restart" was after a week of me thinking I was being a good girl.  Mistakes are how we learn and I think it is a good idea to take a couple days, take a deep breath, then restart.  It could help with mental focus.  Don't be to hard on yourself, most of us have stumbled, but what counts is getting back up. After my initial foul up I stuck to it and completed.. only to crash and burn because I didn't plan far enough ahead. Your heart is in the right place, don't let self-doubt eat at your resolve.


If you are craving something sweet, you can keep it healthy, before restarting Whole 30 maybe try this http://www.easypaleo.com/2011/11/22/paleo-hot-chocolate/




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Tess, thank you so much for your support and caring understanding. I guess I just needed such thing as I was feeling kind of crapy the whole afternoon (although eating this way is helping me a lot with my emotions in general, which is lovely and one of the best things for me. My mind is more clean).

Your experience helped me to feel I'm not the only one making mistakes, so I don't feel alone. So thanks for sharing! I should have used this forum earlier on my whole30! But it's never late.

I will try the recipe you gave me in honour of your help! And because I always loved hot cocoa but wasn't having it even before whole30 because I don't usually like the fact of drinking a whole cup of milk, although I like it. I knew about dairy effects before knowing whole community.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you. You made the rest of my day. I'm now cooking with more hope and enthusiasm!


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 We are here for each other.  :)   I was thinking of you this morning as I did a random sweep of everything I use in my whole 30 and found that one of my main spices was not Whole 30 compliant, which means my original Whole 30 attempt, which I thought was a great success, was not compliant either. :unsure: So this is my second restart of this second Whole 30 attempt.


All we can do is adapt and try. I have faith in you just like I have faith in myself.  



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Wow, well good for you! Of course you will do great with such determination, patience and faith for both of us! Haha!

I'm having a great day. Today it's day 20 for me, even though all about my process we already know.

I was thinking of taking some time after completing this one (like a week or so) in order to read and meal plan way more than I did this time. I'd love to read the book as well. But buying it for us in Argentina... it's just difficult.

Anyway, my best wishes for you, and all my good vibes for you so you can have a good restart!

Thanks for sharing with me your experience, even when we make mistakes.

Have a good weekend!

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