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Exercise and Whole 30


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I am on Day 19 and am struggling with tiredness, lethargy and poor sleep. I am meticulous with labels and food choices but I'm not sure I get enough fat. On the meal plan document are we supposed to have all those fats with every meal?

Also I exercise 6 days per week and five of them are quite intense. I have read the pre and post work out guidelines but really have not been diligent with that as it is awkward to fit in and often I exercise late in the day or very early so it is right before a meal. But maybe by the time it is prpeared an hour or an hour and a half has disappeared.

Could this be the reason?

Really need some advice.

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You need extra food when you exercise intensely. When you eat lean protein (without any fat) within 30 minutes of completing exercise when your muscles are especially open to eating, you recover faster. So, when you delay eating for 60-90 minutes, your opportunity to recover is slowed/reduced. I typically eat a can of tuna immediately after a hard workout at the gym. Then I drive home and prepare a meal. 


A more common reason for tiredness and poor sleep is eating too low carb. Many people need to eat starchy veggies every day and sometimes at least 2 servings per day to feel good. That means potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, plantains, rutabagas, etc. 


The meal planning guide advises minimum fat portions. You can and often should add more than the minimums listed. The minimum for any particular fat is listed. The idea is that you use that much IF you are using that fat at all. You should not combine all the different fats although a few would be fine. 

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