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W30 Number 5...aw yeah


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post-11766-0-39597900-1415762263_thumb.p So this is pretty much what I've become. As you can see, our friend the sloth is not wearing any clothes. That's because none of mine fit! lol


Anyway, Day 6 here. The family has been sick, and I evaded it all...until today. That said, I've eaten well despite this, but I'll deal with logging food from tomorrow. As for activity, went to yoga on Sunday with a daughter, and half-way through pretty much figured I'd accidentally joined the seventh circle of hell. Suffice to say it. was. not. easy.


But! after lounging with a duvet on the sofa all day, I'm hoping I'll turn the corner for tomorrow. G'night all!

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Blue is food

Pinky-purple is activity


Happy Wednesday and Day 7! Still fighting whatever bug there is, which doesn't make me want to eat at all, but I will persevere. I can pretty much guarantee no activity today, as my head is killing me when I stand up and move. Rather nasty bug!


M1: Roasted veggies with emergency meat and an egg thrown in for good measure. Banana, too. Coffee with coconut cream.


M2: nothing, I slept through that. Had some homemade jerky though, when I woke up.


M3: (cue heavenly music) Butter Chicken. LOVE. THIS. SO. MUCH. Had it with green beans, also tasty. (click it, it's a link!)


Had water through the day and generally feel much better. Back to work tomorrow--have some nice food planned so I'm excited. Woot woot!

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@kirkor I have! But it would be more fair to say, I've gained weight since my 4th W30. 


Here's what I can say about that: 


Amidst endurance event #5 in May, a completely new job in April, a house move in August (but only partial, as the house we moved out of is being worked on, so being between two houses), a school move for kids in September, and I'm sure there's more change I'm forgetting--I simply stopped making good food choices. And by that I mean, rather than spend the 20 minutes the night before to prepare for the next day, I just zoned out, and started the next day not wanting to prepare food because I hate doing that in the morning--and the cycle continued. So here we are. I love eating W30, or at the very least I know I'm at my best as a strict paleo--but if I'm not disciplined with simply taking those 20 minutes each evening, I sabotage myself and out come the cream donuts.  :wacko:


Also coming off the event, I stopped my activity level, too. That I need to address this W30 cycle, and that's a time management issue for me. But no one else is going to make the time--that's all down to me...

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Day 8 Folks:


M1: absolutely fantastic wonderful pumpkin porridge. Recipe here--though this iteration rather than apples, I added a handful of shredded coconut, a chopped date and a few chopped almonds to the mix. Wow was that good.


M2: Spinach with Butter chicken


Water and coffee with coconut cream through the day, wahay! 


M3: a very small pork chop, some grilled onions, peppers and tomatoes. Nothing particularly earth shattering, but I guess it can't all be.


No much in the way of activity: still recovering from whatever this bug was/is--but I did walk more than normal on a workday. I must do better on that front. 

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Okay, so today was a bit of an off day. No problems, just not the right schedule to begin with.


M1: choc chili 

M2: all over the place. wasn't around properly for a real meal. Had an apple, coffee, carrots...you note the absence of any meaningful protein, right? Boo.

M3: at last! Back on track. An awesome fisherman's pie with carrots, haricots verts, and onions. Also with a salad. Water.


A bit more coffee with coconut cream. 


And now to bed!!!

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M1: Avocado Eggs (SO.FREAKING.GOOD.) with onions, peppers and mushrooms. Coffee with coconut cream.

M2: choc chili with the rest of the avocado eggs.

M3: fish pie, and a bit of marrow. I roasted some to make bone broth with tomorrow--woot woot


a ton of fizzy water, too

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M1: pumpkin porridge with apple today. coffee with coconut cream.

M2: FIVE GUYS burger on a lettuce wrap with mustard and hot sauce, as well as pickles, onions, mushrooms, jalepenos and tomatoes! Love that 5 guys is compliant.

M3: fish pie and an apple with almond butter.


water and coffee with coconut cream through the day. 


Still not being active. Not a good way to be. Must FIX THIS...

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Day 13:


M1: Pumpkin porridge with cranberries, coconut and a bit of ground almonds.

M2: thought I'd packed chocolate chili, but it was spag bol sauce, and I wasn't sure from when.  :( So...ordered a salad across the way with chicken, olives, banana peppers, sundried tomatoes, field greens and balsamic vinegar. Nice save.

M3: chicken and asparagus. 


water and coffee with coconut cream through the day. 


Wanted apple and almond butter, but left it, because I didn't really...just wanted it to want it.

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Day 14 in the bag...

Day 15 in the bag...


Day 16 and here we go:


M1: pork medallions with courgettes

M2: steak, haricots verts, sweet potatoes and an apple with almond butter

M3: see M1


LOTS of water, some coffee with coconut cream, too


Wow, over halfway there...

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