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Day 49 and still have Acid Reflux plus occasional Constipation


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I am new to the forum. I have had local support through my whole 30 and have been able to stay on plan.


At the end of 30 days I decided to continue, but add the auto-immune protocol since I did not have the result of increase energy or pain relief. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and have had it a long time along with some Arthritis and Bursitis, so I wasn't too surprised.


On the auto-immune plan, the only thing I have not eliminated is eggs. I will eliminate them starting Monday.

I drink plenty of water, have been going to bed early to get plenty of sleep. I still need to add regular exercise. I sit at a computer all day for my work and I know I don't move enough.


My major concern is that I still have frequent acid reflux. Could the eggs be the cause? They never previously caused reflux.

(I should probably add that I had been taking the anti-inflamitory drug Voltarin for a couple of years, plus 40 mg prescription Omeprazile a day, to make it so I could take the Voltarine.) I stopped all my meds except thyroid for the Whole 30. I did taper off, but I guess not well enough because I have only begun to have less reflux recently.) Has anyone else had similar problems and found remedies? Ginger tea eases it some, but aloe has not helped.


Second, the last few days I have been experiencing constipation. Not horrible, but I got used to being very regular. I haven't changed what I am eating. Lots of organic vegetables, a little organic fruit, clean proteins, filtered water, and of course the eggs, local organic uncaged eggs. She calls them happy eggs since the hens get to stay with the rooster. :)


Is constipation a common cycle when cleansing the body while having an auto-immune disease? I don't expect medical advice, just wonder if anyone else has dealt with this and what I might do to help it.




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Good for you! Whole30 in the bag already! :D


It might take you a little longer to see the benefits, but your insides have likely already started healing. 


Eggs are a big problem for some people, for some not at all and for others, more shades of grey. I get reactions to cage or non-free range eggs but don't seem to have any problems with organic free range eggs. Some people are okay with yolks but not whites, some people do okay with duck eggs (different protein).


If your body is up to it, I'd recommend lifting some heavy things. You can get quite a benefit from a very short workout and for some people, lifting gets a different benefit from cardio, as it's not inflammatory in the same way as cardio.


Voltarin does quite a number on my insides, as it's a NSAID. Combined with the Omeprazile (PPI), these could well be the cause (or contributors) of the acid reflux: http://autoimmune-paleo.com/low-stomach-acid-and-autoimmune-disease/

There's also some evidence that aloe can make leaky gut worse, so it might be worth cutting it out along with the eggs and add it back in as a reintroduction later: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/aloe-vera-for-leaky-gut-one-meal-a-day-and-glyphosate-and-celiac-disease/

Don't panic, there's lots of stuff that moves everything in the opposite direction: bone broth, liver, cultured/fermented veggies, kombucha, dairy-free gut capsules (shop around for dairy free, I found some eventually!). If you have trouble digesting protein, pineapple may help.

Peppermint tea (hot or cold) can feel good in your stomach, you may even find peppermint oil capsules helpful (sometimes sold as a de-gassing treatment at the chemist). Kombucha and bone broth have done wonders helping me heal gluten-damage.


For constipation, add extra fat and a magnesium supplement.

Some people find raw or cruciferous veggies can be a big tough during the adjustment period. Cooked veggies help some people.


There's a big group thread for November starters here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/22964-roll-call-november-whole30s/

You also might get more replies in this section of the forum: http://forum.whole9life.com/forum/13-whole30-with-medical-conditions/

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Thank you for your thoughtful response. There is a lot here I can try.

I have been trying raw apple cider vinegar and it seems to help, so I suspect low acid as a result of the Omeprazile.

I have been out of bone broth, so I will have to make some more.


Thanks Again,


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Are you eating digestive enzymes with every meal? That has helped my acid re-flux. Also I don't know if you get acid after you eat certain foods (nut butters or tomato sauce) but you might want to jot down what you ate when you get acid re-flux. Are you getting it at night when you are trying to sleep? Try not to eat within 3 hours of bed. That might help. Good Luck!

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