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not sure what to do about work


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I work nights delivering pizza. So, I'm really busy during the dinner rush. If I wait till after the dinner rush (at 8) I'm so hungry I'll either eat pizza during the rush in my car, or I'll eat my food when I get a chance to warm it up (I warm it up in the pizza oven, so I have to wait till the rush is over) and then I've waited till I was starving so my dinner isn't satisfying and then I will usually eat pizza too.


So, should I eat before hand, at 4:30? But then I would probably get hungry in a couple hours, in that case should I have a small snack at 8 (I was thinking nuts)? or should I have a small snack around 6, and then eat my dinner when i can?

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Basically I would recommend having a mini meal that can help tie you over until you can eat dinner.  A mini meal - is just that - a miniature version of a regular meal. 


What you can eat on the go:


Boiled eggs.  You can get fancy and wrap them in prosciutto.

Can of tuna

Egg muffins - these are great as a grab and go - either hot or cold


baby carrots, cut up peppers, celery sticks, cooked cubed sweet potato



mayo for dipping your veggies in - I save small glass containers especially for this reason.

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This is in addition to your day job? I moonlighted as a bartender for a while, and those 18 hour days made eating a challenge, fer sure.

Seems like you're saying you can eat at 4:30 and 8:30 without too much hassle though?


For my day job, I'm a stay at home mom, so I'm home all day, so breakfast and lunch aren't a problem, just when I work at night. So, i can eat before I go at 4:30, and after the dinner rush, around 8. I can eat during the dinner rush, in my car, it's just a pain and i can't really prepare my food. 

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