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So I have just begun my very first Whole 30.  Actually my first day was yesterday...I survived!! 


Pretty nervous but excited to do this 'dietary reset' as I'm calling this.  After years of IBS issues, possible food sensitivities and generally feeling bleh, I am determined to make a change.


It doesn't hurt that I may lose a few pounds doing this too!    I've been struggling with the last 10-20 pounds for too long...though the quantity of sugary substances that I ingest...ahem...USED to ingest , may have had something to do with that. :rolleyes:


Anyhoo, let me introduce myself: I am a Canadian momma, wife and healthcare worker and I commit to the following:


1. I will follow the instructions for at least 30 days

2. I will find new, healthier habits to deal with stress (no  more sugar binges!)

3. I will feel better in my body as I become healthier


Cheers all!!





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