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December Whole30 - In Honor of My Mom


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Today I begin my third whole30. I've done two (complete/no rule breaking) whole30's in the past, but this is the first time I am posting. 


I just lost my mom to breast cancer a few weeks ago (she was only 60), and I think a whole30 will help me feel like my best possible self at the moment.  The time she spent in the hospital in the end as well as the past few weeks have been really bad for me eating-wise which is definitely causing me unnecessary stress.  I also think she would be proud of me for trying to take control of my health/body again.  I also think that by eating whole30 I'll be a better support to the rest of my family and more productive as I try to get back to normalcy.  Maybe this is all wishful thinking but I figure it can't hurt.


Anyhow...here goes!


For breakfast -- 2 eggs scrambled in ghee and coconut oil, iced tea with lemon.

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Thanks all - I truly appreciate your support.  I feel like I made some rookie mistakes yesterday -- will learn from them as I get back in the groove (I think).


Lunch:  chopped iceberg, tomato, cucumber, grilled chicken with homemade shallot vinaigrette

Dinner:  more chopped salad (but no chicken), 2 small pieces of roasted chicken, 5 shrimp, string beans (all cooked in olive oil)


Was still hungry after dinner - unsurprising because I ran earlier in the day, so I ate a banana and some pistachios.  


So I feel like I didn't have enough fat/eat enough throughout the day.


Started today with eggs cooked in ghee and some blueberries. Kombucha to drink.  This was after a workout.


Day 2 begins! :)

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I lost my mom four years ago. She was 51. Cancer is a horrible disease. As hard as it was to watch her go through it, I am so glad I was by her side. You did a great thing to honor your mom by sitting by her side - and now to honor her by being your best you is a great thing as well. Good luck!

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I'm so sorry @mnm3505 - that's terrible.  Yeah it was rough being there for everything but I'm glad I did so.  Of course I am thinking about what I could have done better for her - even diet-wise, which is a very tough line of thinking to start on.  Anyway.


Yesterday for lunch - huge salad of mixed greens, avocado, olive oil, lemon juice, cucumbers, kabocha squash and grilled chicken.  I figured this would keep me full but by 7pm I was ravenous which obviously isn't a good thing, and led to me eating wayyyy too much (compliant-I think-I hope) salami as I cooked dinner.


Dinner - skirt steak and romaine salad with balsamic vinaigrette. finished that bottle of kombucha


Breakfast today - eggs cooked in more coconut oil than usual and a mug of homemade bone broth.  I did a strength workout today, we'll see how that goes...

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Missed a day of posting.  


On 12/3 (Wednesday) for lunch I had grilled salmon with roasted cauliflower.  Two hours later I was starving again so I had a banana and raw almonds.  I keep having this problem where I end up eating nuts/fruit and should be eating a second mini meal if i'm really hungry (or eating more fat with my meal).  


Anyway, for dinner I had a huge bowl of delicious food ! There's a place in NY called Roast Kitchen that has every vegetable under the sun and well-sourced protein you could want.  They throw everything in a bowl for you and heat it up in a skillet.  In mine - a lettuce mix with mostly kale, kabocha squash, cucumbers, cauliflower, maybe 1/4 avocado, 3-4 oz of steak, about 3 oz of pork, and salsa verde.  I was really full after soo that worked!




Breakfast - 3 eggs cooked in coconut oil. (this was pre-workout)


Lunch - salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, grilled chicken, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.


Dinner - salad of tomatoes, grilled onion, green beans, and hangar steak.  had a few pieces of my sister's grilled chicken to round it out


I felt really good about yesterday.


I feel like I'm already getting some good results - besides one night of bad sleep that was stress-related, I've been sleeping very well, I feel like my stomach is less bloated, and my hunger (when I eat appropriately) is much more in control.  Would be nice to lose a few inches, so we'll see about that.....

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Yesterday was a good day.

Breakfast - eggs in ghee.


Lunch - turkey wrapped in lettuce with tomato, avocado and deli mustard


Snack - some pistachio nuts and a few blueberries


Dinner - grass fed beef burgers, salad with balsamic vinagrette, sorpressatta


(no workout yesterday).




Workout (I would have had breakfast but i slept until right before I had to go to my exercise class)


Brunch/Grass fed beef burger with a fried egg and beet on top, side salad


Snack/Two eggs in ghee/coconut oil

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