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I am considering doing a bodybuilding show in the spring. I am halfway through my second whole 30. I am leaving in two weeks for a one-week cruise with family. I know I will be off plan a bit for that week. I plan on getting back on track after my return in January.

My question is how do you eat in a whole 30 or Paleo plan when you want to do a bodybuilding show?

Has anyone attempted this? I know that a lot of body builders do protein shakes and BCAAs and other supplements.

Everyone I know who is ever done a bodybuilding show induldge when they are done and end up gaining back a ton of weight and it takes them forever to get back in shape. I don't want to do that. I would like to get in shape for a bodybuilding show and do it the most healthy way possible.


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Aside from the water manipulation, whole30 and paleo are great for your goals. Obviously the more you go off the wagon post-comp, the harder a time you're going to have getting back...but ideally the whole30 should save you from feeling like that binging is necessary.

Compliant BCAAs and protein can both be found, but we don't encourage either. Only if you REALLY can't get all you need through real food.

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It's actually been a really long time since I've been in the supplement game (3+ years), so I'm not sure what's still compliant out there. I'm sure there are additional options too.

Look for unflavored, because most flavorings throw sucralose in there for sweetness. For protein, egg or beef protein are going to be your only compliant whey.

Good luck!

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