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Upset stomach


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Sorry for the TMI, but I woke up on Day 2, very sick with terrible stomach pains and diarrhea. I have no idea what did it to me. Has anyone ever had an upset stomach from ghee? I put some on my cut up sweet potatoes last night and I'm thinking that was maybe the culprit?


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Do you have any known problems with dairy? If you do, it might be the ghee -- while most of the problem-causing compounds in dairy are removed in making ghee or clarified butter, it's possible there could still be some if it was not filtered completely. 


Honestly, though, unless you know you are lactose intolerant and have a similar reaction to other dairy products, I would think it's more likely either a stomach bug or a bit of food poisoning or something like that.


If it's severe or doesn't go away soon, consider consulting a doctor. If you think it might be the ghee, avoid it for a while, and when you're feeling better, you can have some and see if you get the same reaction, if you want to test that theory. 

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Thanks, ladies!

Shannon, I am lactose intolerant, but I always heard that ghee was good for those who can't tolerate dairy well. Oh well, who knows, I'll still cook with it and hopefully build up a tolerance. Question about cooking with oils: is it really that bad to cook with olive oil? For when I can't stomach the ghee?

Also, sorry for all of the questions, but I'm really not craving sweets, dairy, any of the usual suspects. Is that odd? I mean sugar sounds nice, but I'm not "dying" for it. Am I just fooling myself and that's to come?

Thank you again, for letting me chat!

Have a nice night!


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I don't know for sure that that's what it was -- it's just a thought. But if you've read about how ghee is made, you cook it until the milk solids separate, and then you strain them off. Theoretically, there shouldn't be enough left to be a problem, which is why it's okay to have on a Whole30, but it is possible that some slipped through the straining process. I wouldn't think it was very likely, especially if you've bought a commercially produced brand, but it seems like it could be possible. Maybe set it aside until you feel better and then try again?


I read an article recently, I think from Chris Kresser's site, that said it's not as bad to cook with olive oil as was previously thought. I saved the link at home, but I'm at work right now -- I'll post it later. If I forget, send me a message. There's also coconut oil, and, if you can find sources for grassfed beef tallow or pastured pork lard, those are also good for cooking.


As far as the cravings, be glad you're not having them now. You may get some in the future, or you may not. I find that in general, my cravings are less noticeable when I make sure I'm eating plenty of food at my meals. If I don't eat enough for some reason, or start eating a lot more fruit than normal, or if I have a Larabar, or when I'm not on a Whole30 if I have dessert of any kind, the cravings get worse.

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