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Whole30 a go-go


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I'm always on the go. I'm in a hotel a couple times a week for work. Then I travel to do races. Before I cut out grains I was your typical chubby marathoner who lived on carbs.


I've attempted Whole30 several times but alas,didn't succeed. This time I'm doing things differently. I'm going to bring Whole30 with me when I'm traveling. Spending time in my own kitchen will be minimal. Occasionally I'll dust off my pans and cook a hamburger. Mostly I'll be relying on restaurants and filling up the hotel room mini fridge from a grocery store in whatever town I'm spending the night in.


I also have some meals from Pete's Paleo in my freezer. They will help me stay on track.


I know this way of doing Whole30 is somewhat controversial. Planning and preparing your own meals is an important component to the program. Since that's not an option for me, I'll try Plan B.


Jan 12 is Day 1. In the meantime, I'll be out of town, beginning a 72  hour race. Well, not really a race, it's a timed event. That means you can do as many miles as you want within the 72 hour time frame. My goal is to complete 100 miles. I plan on spending much of my time on the track planning my Whole30. When I return home, I'll have about one week to prep.


Today I am working on getting my fridge and pantry Whole30 compliant. I would like to say that everything is going in the trash however some stuff went in my mouth (I'm talking about you cheese and wine).


Besides sticking to the rules, my goal is to be an active participant in this forum. This is such a terrific resource, I'm thankful to have a place to visit everyday. 


Time to fill another trash bag (get out of my life paleo brownies and peanut butter!).

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Thanks for the support you guys!


Trip #1 is Phoenix, from Dec 31 to Jan 3. I'm staying at a hotel that supplies a refrigerator. I'm also renting a car, I'll stock up on groceries at Whole Foods. The 72 hour race that I'll be participating in will have a tent filled with food. I've done this event before, most of the food is not allowed on Whole30. Each day I'll pack my own food and bring it in the car to eat during the day. Although technically, I could eat it, since my Whole 30 hasn't begun, I don't plan on doing so. I'm weaning myself off the carb porn.


After Phoenix, I'll be in Las Vegas for a couple days. I travel to Vegas quite often, I know where the Whole Foods are to get my supplies.


Off I go...

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And...I'm back.


I ended up competing a 100K instead of 100 miles in Phoenix. I'm happy with that, next year I'll try for 100 miles again.


Since I've been home I've been doing heavy duty prep for my Whole30. I joined a group called "The Dirty Thirty" that begins on Jan 12. They're a no whining, no excuses group. I like that, people who will hold my feet to the fire.


I've also been weaning myself off of the sugar/wine/cheese trio of doom. Those are the toughest monkeys on my back, they need to jump off!


I found some Whole30 ready to eat meals at my local Whole Foods. The company is called Noble Savage and they are based in Colorado. I bought 14 of them, they'll be perfect to take on the road with me. My next out of town trip is on Monday.


Speaking of Whole Foods, I am happy to see that one of my local stores is dedicating a considerable amount of space to the Paleo lifestyle. There is a large section of the hot bar labeled "Paleo". I checked it out, it included grass-fed protein, no dairy or sweetener selections. There are many signs pointing to Paleo products throughout the store. I'll be a frequent shopper at this location throughout the month. 


Less than 2 days before the fun begins.

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Hi Hutlifr!

Although everything I ate wasn't Whole30 compliant, I was grain-free during the 100K.

I ate meat/cheese rollups with avocado and vegetables. Olives, nuts and coconut oil. 

The worst thing I consumed was around midnight on New Years Eve. It was freezing cold with intermittent rain. I couldn't get warm. The food tent was serving hot pizza. I grabbed a couple slices of mushroom and pepperoni. I didn't want to eat the crust so I rolled up the cheese and toppings and ate it like a burrito!


I'm going to stop over to your Swiss blog to say hi. Switzerland rocks!

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Less than 24 hours before the big Day 1!


The good news about failing multiple Whole30s is that I know my food landmines.


The biggest one is fruit. Unfortunately, it triggers my cravings, which usually leads to a version of Sex With Your Pants On. Which always leads to failure.


So, this time around, no fruit for me. It's not worth the risk.


And no weigh in today. I've always stuck to the "no weigh in or measurement" rule during the program. However, in the past, I have weighed myself before Day 1. This time around, no scale. What I weigh is none of my business. I just need to focus on Whole30.


That's my ramblings for now. 

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Due to an unexpected personal situation, I had to postpone Day 1 until Monday, Jan 19.


I didn't fall face down into a vat of rocky road. 


I've been out of town all week. I hope all the Whole30 food in my fridge is still fit for consumption. I spent alot of money on supplies, I'm eating it all when I get back home. How bad can a touch of salmonella be?

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Wow!  I am so impressed with your runs!  100K in 72 hours?  Amazing!


Have you heard of the virtual race, 2015 in 2015?  I am doing it solo (walking/hiking), trying to get about 180 miles per month.  Going to be a challenge :)


Good luck on your w30 - and hope your food is still good ;)

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Hi Kymlynne!

I'll have to check out the 2015 virtual race. It sounds like fun.


I'm home for a day. Tomorrow I go out of town for work. Actually, I'll be living in hotels for most of the next 2 weeks. 


Looks like most of the food in my fridge held up. Except for the produce, the broccoli and spinach look pretty sad. I won't re-stock until I'm home for a couple days. The next 2 weeks will be in and out.


Since tomorrow is Day 1, I'll pack most of my food in a cooler and take it with me on the road. This week I'm traveling by car. Next week will be a bit of a challenge, I'm traveling by plane. I'll make it work. 


If I waited for the perfect 30 days to complete my Whole30, I'd have to pick a date when I'm retired!

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I may have to complete a Whole90 instead of a Whole30.


I don't want to dwell on negative behaviors. Let's just say that I've strayed a long, long way from any Whole30 compliant foods.


My pants don't fit. $#^&* !!!!


This is going to take more than 30 days...

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